Beyond Broken Britain

An SNP administration in full coalition with the Scottish Green Party could allow real change to sweep across the nation. Major shifts towards a low-carbon society AND a transition away from the centralised feudal constitution of the British State ARE achievable through such an alliance.

Alba Voice – Vote Independence on 5th May

The reality is that the longer the AV ‘campaigns’ drone on the less anyone cares. So let’s turn a miserable little compromise into a voice for real change. You now effectively have 3 votes for independence on the 5th May – let’s make our voice heard. AV=Alba Voice. Vote Yes Yes Yes for independence!

Mixed Messages for the Greens?

In California, this is “John Muir Day”, a public holiday. Why don’t we celebrate it here? John Muir is practically a saint in the USA (actually he is considered a saint in at least one church), but this great Scottish environmentalist is still barely known in his home country.