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Theresa May

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    Values of the Vicarage

    Can you feel it? Everyone coming together like a 1970s Coca-Cola ad? As our unelected PM put it in her Easter message to the masses: […]

    17th Apr'17 0
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    The Empire Strikes Back

    Theresa May’s lack of strategy is pseudo-pragmatism intent on old-fashioned separatism and an all-costs Westminster power-grab. The Tories are valued and respected as a strong […]

    Gary Hayes 22nd Mar'17 12
  • ScotRef

    Crash Test Dummies

    Theresa May’s constitutional position explained in one easy video. You can’t decide to leave until after it all goes wrong. It’s not the right time […]

    Mike Small 17th Mar'17 1
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    Mother Theresa

    “Listen to the speeches and the corridor conversations in Davos and it is hard to avoid the impression that the west — as a political […]

    Mike Small 20th Jan'17 3
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    Pat Kane 3rd Oct'16 52
  • Education

    A Restricted View

    As Adam Bienkov remarks (listening to the PM): “Almost everything in Theresa May’s grammar school speech is the exact opposite of the truth.” As the […]

    Paul Tritschler 9th Sep'16 11
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    The Last Days of Flashman

    Off he toddles humming away. ‘Right’. He doesn’t exactly look very bothered does he? People like David Cameron are born in power and will die […]

    Mike Small 12th Jul'16 40
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    Theresa May Day

    As Labour are uniformly denounced for being beyond the pale in their alleged shift left under Corbyn, the Tories in Manchester have marked out new […]

    Mike Small 6th Oct'15 29
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    British Security

      Gillian Bowditch once suggested I go and live in Korea. It was meant as an 80’s style political put-down, not a travel tip. So […]

    Mike Small 4th Nov'13 3
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    The End of Privacy

    The idea that a post-Britain Scotland would be less secure than one associated with British foreign policy misadventure has been derided. Douglas Stuart Wilson explores […]

    Douglas Stuart Wilson 31st Oct'13 11
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    The Positive Case for the Union

      The Tory Party has been meeting in Manchester blaming poor people, young people and unemployed people for the countries woes. This mixture of forced […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'13 1
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