The framing of discussion in the public eye is as important if not more important than the content itself. So today we have the Scotsman and other media outlining how the ‘SNP will have to accept defeat‘ on a matter they’ve been painstakingly clear about accepting for months, on an issue that is of far less importance than made out and for an outcome that many (if not all) on the Yes side will be delighted about. So the question is to shift from:

“Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?”


“Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Bring it on. I think the questions fair, clear and easily answered. If that is indeed the way it’s settled. The Electoral Commission is hardly the independent body it’s made out to be but it matters not.
Like the Edinburgh Agreement in which the Scottish Government suffered a most terrible defeat succumbing to all demands whilst simultaneously gaining control of the entire process at the time they wished, and with the voters they wished, today may indeed turn out to be just such a calamity.

If that is how it turns out it may be a crowing victory for the Unionist coalition, but it’s likely to be an empty one. The victory will be much celebrated by NO and the media, who will have successfully re-framed the process as a way of catching out that wily-old fox Salmond with his cunning underhand landslide and his deceptive reasonableness. But the victory will belong to Yes, who will have secured a question that is most easily answered by a majority of citizens because it is self-evident.

You don’t have to be a nationalist of any persuasion to answer this question ‘Yes’.