Frankie Boyle and Max Keiser

The acerbic Frankie Boyle on who’s really in charge of Britain (the bankers). Boyle on the Tory leadership:

“I mean do these people look like they COULD be in charge? Does Boris Johnson look like he’s in charge? He couldn’t lead you into a revolving door. He’s a bouncey castle with alzheimers…”

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  1. John Ferguson says:

    Frankie should check his history. I believe it was the 32 Scottish nobles that lost their ££ in the Darian scheme not the whole of Scotland. Scotland was wealthy at that time. The bribe money came from Queen Ann and was repaid from the Scottish treasury as England was skint.

    1. Charles Patrick O'Brien says:

      Aye but the indoctrination reached all parts.We really must teach history from our viewpoint.

      1. pmcrek says:

        Yeah we should, the treaty itself specifically states Scotland accepts the greater burden of English debt because it was far higher per head.

  2. John Ferguson says:

    In 1707 the Scotts had no say re. a union of parliaments, now they do. We have a chance to make a mark in our lives to do one good thing, a rare opportunity to make things right. vote YES

  3. Barontorc says:

    Has Max Keiser ever done an expose job on the BBC’s bias against Scotland. He’s the kind of heavy hitter who would draw media comment and sh*tloads of further damning publicity for the rogue public broadcaster. Could we get him involved?

  4. AmadeusMinkowski says:

    Max Keiser has already weighed in on Scottish Oil and how it has been used to prop up the failing UK state. See

    As far as attacking MSM/BBC propaganda, you need look no further than his fabulous deconstruction of Thatcher and the State funeral farce:

    1. James says:

      I think the word for the time a Prime Minister is in office is permiership’?

  5. peter says:

    Sterling is an internationally-traded currency – anyone can use it ! No-one, least of all George Osborne, can prevent Scotland using the pound if that is what Scots decide they’d like to do !

  6. callum says:

    This really needs saying. 300 year old history doesnt matter to non-nats, the people we need to convince to vote yes – they genuinely couldnt give a shit. We need to drop it.
    What frankie does extremely well here though is explain the current present situation in the country.

    1. Normally I’d go along with that Callum, but the psychological wounds that 300 year old history left in its wake are still visible today in the Scottish psyche.
      It was only when I learned the truth of the ‘Anschluss’ of 1707 that I began to understand something of why I never felt right as a citizen of the UK. It was, along with finding out about McCrone at the same time, my ‘red pill/blue pill’ moment.

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