IMG_4219We’re pleased to announce that #bellawriters, Bella Caledonia’s Scottish Women Writers Network, is here. We’ll be creating a searchable database and network of women writers in Scotland to allow publications to find and commission more women and to change the tone of the media.

Bella Caledonia have found that there’s a direct correlation between the number of female writers and the commenters below the line, and are spurred to not only find new voices to redress this, but encourage the greater diversity that comes with using new voices. That’s where #bellawriters comes in.

We now have a submission form to add yourself to the database – click here to access that – and will be sharing it far and wide, and hope you do too. The success of getting more women’s voices into the media can only be achieved by creating as comprehensive a database as we possibly can.

We’ll also be shaping events around the needs of the network, so you can have your say on what you need as a writer, or would like to see. We’ll be hosting launch events in early 2017, and are keen to spend the last months of 2016 building up the network and working on how to make this as useful to women writers in Scotland as possible.

#bellawriters doesn’t require that writers have any particular stance about Scottish politics, rather that we create a broad network of quality writers, raising the profile of them all, changing the tone of alt-media and working collaboratively to promote and improve women’s visibility in writing, particularly in areas that they are underrepresented – opinion, analysis and commentary.

If you would like to be involved with the project, whether getting more information to share with your organisations, or working together for events, do get in touch with me at @heathermmcd or via