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Independence Day

Rejoice! Bringing Back Control! Rule Britannia! Nothing offsets economic ruin like a stamp!

Andrew Leadsom MP writes:

“I’m joining ’s campaign calling for to issue a Brexit design in time for our independence day in March 2019! Read about this and more in my latest Brexit Update blogpost

We had thought that stamps with a neat Foodbank graphic might have been apt, but @DialMforMurdo has trumped us with this pithy sci-fi / disaster movie motif.

Remember you can’t eat flags but you can lick stamps.

Artists / designers – other attempts will be added here.

Do share!

Others in the #BrexitStamps hashtag include …








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  • Crubag 6 months ago

    I believe all stamps are now self-adhesive…

    But there was a stamp celebrating the UK joining the European Economic Community in 1973 (as it then was).

    It’s a bit weird for anyone’s purposes. It’s a self-coloured jigsaw with the UK as the only piece that has its national flag. I suppose the post-EEC/EU stamp would then be the UK as a non-attached jigsaw piece, still with its flag, separate from the anonymous bloc. Although now the EU has it’s own flag, maybe the bloc should be the blue and stars?

  • Alasdair Macdonald 6 months ago

    Sadly, there are things other than stamps, which many often lick (figuratively.)

  • Alan 6 months ago

    The sci-fi one at the top doesn’t really work as Westminster is the true death star. It turns the victimisers in the victims.


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