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Milkshakes and the Taliban at the Funfair

Life imitates art: the Nevermind baby – Spencer Elden –  nakedly chasing money from Nirvana is a true wonder and brokered this slew of hyper-normalisation  …
Apple is launching a new phone – the IOS15 – that is designed to spy on you; Ian Botham is the new trade envoy to Australia; Sirhan Sirhan is on parole; Ruairí McSorley – the “frostbit boy” is found swimming with dolphins four kilometers off the coast of Co Kerry; the Taliban fighters are laughing as they ride bumper cars at a funfair in the Afghan city of Herat  … on the 25 August, a woman rang Tom Swarbrick’s show on LBC to talk about ex-marine “Pen” Farthing’s attempt to get several hundred animals out of Afghanistan. “You’re so dismissive, by saying, ‘Oh it’s just dogs and cats and donkeys’,” she told the presenter. “A life is a life.”

STV thinking the ‘milkshake crisis’ is newsworthy as the fucking world burns …



… Dominic Raab who is still somehow the Foreign Secretary,  declared “the Sea was actually closed” in defence of his decision to stay on holiday as the Taliban advanced on Kabul …





Life in Parody Britain unfolds like a Coldwar Steve montage. The mood is dark and surreal but the strangest thing of all is that Boris Johnson is your Prime Minister. Here he is visiting the ‘crisis centre’ …

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  1. Colin Robinson says:

    Yep, it’s all proceeding in accordance with the standard apocalyptic narrative. All the seven signs are present in the climate emergency as a cultural phenomenon: the advent of the Antichrist, war, famine, plague, judgement, chaos, and silence (or rebirth for the faithful).

    The narrative function of the antichrist is to lead the world astray. Those who are tricked into following false prophecy/fake news are trapped in a cycle of suffering, which fulfils the next three signs of war, famine, and pandemic. The prophets are the fifth sign; those who cry out for repentance and judgement on those whose fault the catastrophe is. The sixth sign is the destruction of the world. The seventh is the utter silence that will follow annihilation.

    The current narrative fits the same old récits.


  2. Tom Ultuous says:

    The clown supporters are even now still in denial. How can 50% of the Scottish population still consider staying in the “UK” as being the sensible thing to do.

    1. Colin Robinson says:

      Because, for them, remaining in the UK is the sensible thing to do.

      That’s their judgement, and no amount of hyperbole, browbeating, fear-mongering, or demonising on the part of the nationalists will influence that judgement. Indeed, it often only hardens it.

      1. Tom Ultuous says:

        Mibbies aye. Mibbies naw.

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