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    Mike Small 28th Apr'18 11
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Out of the Wreckage

    George Monbiot recently came to Scotland to speak in Govan and Edinburgh to promote his new book ‘Out of the Wreckage’. For Monbiot this is […]

    Mike Small 27th Oct'17 1
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    Acid Communism

    In the context of the stagnation of the indy movement in form and content – and in the face of huge global meme moments like […]

    Mike Small 17th Oct'17 3
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    SPG on Summer Holidays

    More glorious #subvertising from @SpecialPatrols (and others) … #ManifestoAntipubblicitario #AdHackManifesto #AdvertisingShitsInYourHead * * * More here on the work of Hogre, Brandalism, and Advertising Shits […]

    4th Jul'17 2
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    The Language of Resistance

    Author Madeleine Bunting reflects on place, language and capitalism, and the influence of gaelic in the creation of George Orwell’s Newspeak. The haunting brilliance of […]

    18th May'17 25
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    Subvert the City

    #subvertthecity As we struggle in the wake of the London attacks to imagine what a city is and what a city is for, beyond the […]

    Mike Small 26th Mar'17 2
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    The Apprentice

    Watching the tragedy of Trump’s childlike oligarchy unspool is mesmerising. Like when you can’t help crank your neck to catch the car-crash you don’t want […]

    Mike Small 6th Feb'17 9
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    Beyond Satire

      As we shudder towards some kid of American Weimar we have three ideas about how to respond to and understand the Trump phenomenon. The […]

    Mike Small 20th Jan'17 10
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    Reality TV Politics

    Liberal democracy is eating itself. I think that’s the most obvious conclusion today, in the era of Brexit, Le Pen and Trump. When I grew […]

    Cat Boyd 10th Nov'16 35
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    Robo-Marxism Grand Luxe

    The machines are coming for your job. Do not doubt that for a nanosecond. They’re also coming for your entire skill-set, rendering you a ponderous […]

    D.J. MacLennan 23rd Jul'16 18
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    28th Oct'14 8
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    New Priorities

    In post-referendum Scotland, what might be the implications of a YES, BUT (1) approach? Essentially, a YES, BUT approach is a reflection on revolutionary priorities. […]

    Richard Gunn 4th Oct'14 3
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    Unleash the Hounds

    ‘To believe in something that has not yet happened always requires faith’, Chris Erskine explores the positives of the referendum and the deeper roots of our […]

    Chris Erskine 24th Sep'14 22
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    Why anarchists should vote ‘Yes’

    This piece by Thomas Swann contributed to the debate between authors like Gordon Asher, Leigh French and Richard Gunn, and draws on arguments from Israeli anarchist Uri Gordon […]

    Thomas Swann 16th Sep'14 6

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