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  • Autonomism

    The Wind of Change

    I don’t believe the gold of today is under the ground. I believe we are the gold. Toby Shapshak, TED GLobal, Edinburgh The independence campaign […]

    Mike Small 21st Jun'13 6
  • Autonomism
    19th Jun'13 5
  • Autonomism

    It’s Democracy Stupid

    One of the most telling phrases in modern politics, “It’s the economy, stupid”, was coined by a strategist within Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign office […]

    Christopher Silver 7th Jun'13 11
  • Autonomism
    29th May'13 3
  • Autonomism

    What Don’t You Know?

    Woad-Wary? Indy-Sceptic? Dunno-tastic? You’ve come to the right place… Now and then you’ve got to step back and re-imagine how and why you’re doing things. […]

    Mike Small 24th May'13 13
  • Autonomism

    Let the People Lead

    I am more and more convinced that we need to raise awareness of having a written constitution for an Independent Scotland. We live in one […]

    Jean Urquhart 22nd May'13 6
  • Antifascism

    Sent Homewards

    Westminster’s darling get’s a warm welcome on Edinburgh’s High Street, a place with a long tradition of popular rule …

    16th May'13 21
  • Arts & Culture

    Carrying the Fire

    May 2013 has seen carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere reach concentrations at or above 400ppm. The first time this has been so for over […]

    Dougie Strang 16th May'13 1
  • Arts & Culture
    11th May'13 0
  • Autonomism

    Frankie Boyle and Max Keiser

    Max Keiser and Frankie Boyle discuss Scottish independence …

    11th May'13 10
  • Anti-Capitalism


    Most of us are waking leisurely to the prospect of a day aff. If we’re really lucky we’ll get the weather to do something nice. […]

    Kate Higgins 6th May'13 1
  • Autonomism
    Scott Lavery 6th May'13 1
  • Arts & Culture

    The Future is a Hut

      Sometimes life is sweet. People think good thoughts. Folk are inspired to imagine and drive forward a happier, more contented society where we live […]

    Andy Wightman 5th May'13 6
  • Autonomism

    From the Hillman Imp to Tescotown

      Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Rootes Factory in Linwood that made the Hillman Imp. To accommodate the workforce, the small […]

    Andy Wightman 3rd May'13 7

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