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  • Autonomism

    RIC Edinburgh April 2013

    Cat Boyd @ Radical Independence Conference April 2013 Alison Johnston @ Radical Independence Conference April 2013 Kevin Williamson @ Radical Independence Conference April 2013

    Cat Boyd 1st May'13 0
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Paul Mason 27th Apr'13 4
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Osborne’s Toxic Legacy

    When you hear the word ‘deficit’ the first thing that springs to mind is the so called ‘budget deficit’. So called, because many of us […]

    Jonathon Shafi 25th Apr'13 13
  • Arts & Culture

    Not a New Media but

    What are we to make of the collapsing media structures and models? I am arguing for some new systems and maybe it’s time to set […]

    Mike Small 28th Mar'13 22
  • Autonomism

    A Napster Moment for Politics?

    Dougald Hine @dougald  – lecture at Dalarna University. We’re living in a web of crises, with no route back to the world in which we […]

    20th Mar'13 1
  • Anti-Capitalism

    On the Road

    Seven years ago, the Scottish Left Review Press (SLRP) published the original Is There a Scottish Road to Socialism? Its purpose was to examine how […]

    Gregor Gall 17th Mar'13 4
  • Autonomism

    Break Up or Break Out?

    Amicable Separation? Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not attempting old-style nation-statehood: they are (and indeed, can’t help being) in search of a new mode […]

    14th Mar'13 7
  • Anti-Capitalism

    The Death of Hugo Chavez

    The Death of Hugo Chavez The announcement of the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez provides an opportunity for us to look back on the […]

    Callum McCormick 5th Mar'13 9
  • Autonomism

    Land and Freedom 1813 – 2013

      Oxfam has launched a major campaign on food security – Enough Food for Everyone.  It aims to reach 20 million people across the UK […]

    Andy Wightman 27th Feb'13 4
  • Arts & Culture

    People Powered Future

    Imagine Scotland as a Hub of Democratic Innovation, a Scotland where Everyone has A Say!

    Mike Small 25th Feb'13 9
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Just Say Yes

    With the publication yesterday of Yes Scotland’s response to the STUC’s “Just Scotland” paper, the question is raised again – what would trade unionism look […]

    Cat Boyd 24th Feb'13 31
  • Autonomism
    Adam Ramsay 21st Feb'13 1
  • Autonomism
    Peter Ramand 15th Feb'13 5
  • Arts & Culture

    The State of the Union

    An issue has been thrown into the humdrum melly of constitutional squabbling by the NO campaign which has raised the debate beyond the lofty matter […]

    Mike Small 12th Feb'13 19

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