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  • Books Upside Your Head

    Safeguarding Books

    Borrowing a line from a Lesley Riddoch podcast, they got a vote but we got a movement; there’s something about the last month or so […]

    Mike Murphy 30th Oct'14 5
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Caledonian Dreaming: Review

    Caledonian Dreaming is a self-reflection for Scotland. It is shows the need for taking a long hard look at ourselves and picks out   of […]

    Willie Sullivan 4th Aug'14 0
  • Arts & Culture


    For those of you who don’t venture beyond our featured article, take a gander over at our book review section HERE where we have a […]

    Mike Small 2nd Aug'14 0
  • Books Upside Your Head

    The Justice Factory

    What can three centuries of an independent Scottish legal profession tell us about Scotland’s likely ability to rule itself? It is often said by those […]

    Ian Mitchell 4th Jul'14 5
  • Books Upside Your Head
    James FoleyPeter Ramand 11th Apr'14 15
  • Books Upside Your Head
    Alastair McIntosh 13th Mar'14 53
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Our Tom Stockman

    Our banks and savings have been stolen from us by crooks representing the ‘luxury and corruption’ of a commercial society always at risk of going […]

    Christopher Harvie 22nd Dec'13 4
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Republic of Books

    Continuing our series of responses to the White Paper. Tuesday’s presentation of the White Paper was one for publishers to admire; with everything that can […]

    Mark Buckland 15th Dec'13 2
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Tintin in Scots and Gaelic

    Tintin in Scots and Gaelic! One of my favourite Tintin’s … Looking forward to Captain Haddock’s outbursts being translated! Tintin an his faithfu dug, Tarrie, […]

    Mike Small 4th Sep'13 5
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Punk Fiddle

    Punk Fiddle by Jim Ferguson (Whirlpool Press) reviewed by Peter Burnett “Bobby is a 30 something Glaswegian who plays pool for money.  He finds himself […]

    Peter Burnett 21st Aug'13 4
  • Books Upside Your Head
    Lesley Riddoch 16th Aug'13 4
  • Books Upside Your Head

    Books Upside Your Head

    Provoked by Peter’s article and regularly harassed by people who’s books we have promised to review, and haven’t (sorry), today Bella launches it’s new book […]

    Mike Small 13th Aug'13 3

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