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  • Brexit
    Alastair Stewart 17th Apr'18 22
  • Brexit

    The Calamity of Real World Brexit

    If a week is a long time in politics, then with the extraordinary times we are enduring I have no idea how to describe the […]

    Alyn Smith 10th Apr'18 55
  • Brexit
    6th Apr'18 22
  • Brexit

    On Scottish Fishing

    Living in Moray, I found it infuriating to see placards everywhere depicting a smiling Haddock draped in the Union Jack proclaiming that a vote to […]

    Graeme Goodall 3rd Apr'18 35
  • Brexit

    Europa and the bull(shitters)

    Douglas Ross, the Tory MP for Moray, can kick back. His place in history is assured by his golden phrase: a cold sick Brexit. Us […]

    Gordon Guthrie 2nd Apr'18 43
  • Brexit

    My Precious

    Brexit will strengthen the bonds of “our precious Union” and make it more prosperous and secure, Theresa May has improbably declared as Tories huddle together […]

    29th Mar'18 15
  • Brexit

    Shadow Democracy

    Liam O’Hare delves into how the Strategic Communication Labs/Cambridge Analytica scandal which leads to the heart of the British establishment …

    Liam O'Hare 27th Mar'18 0
  • Brexit

    Non Negotiable Fish

    John Lamont talking tough whilst scrabbling about for credibility on BBC Radio this morning was as funny and as tragic as his colleague, the unfortunate […]

    Mike Small 20th Mar'18 18
  • Brexit

    Crossing the Brexit Borders

    Contempt for the north of England, as well as the devolved nations is at the root of the Brexit crisis, argues Mike Small. As the […]

    Mike Small 27th Feb'18 7
  • Brexit


    March 1949. Four years after World War II and no end to austerity. Food rationing is still in force: a weekly adult ration includes two […]

    Paul Walsh 22nd Feb'18 10
  • Brexit

    Independence Day

    Rejoice! Bringing Back Control! Rule Britannia! Nothing offsets economic ruin like a stamp! Andrew Leadsom MP writes: “I’m joining @TheSun’s campaign calling for @RoyalMailStamps to […]

    16th Jan'18 3
  • Brexit

    The Way Back In

    On the back of polling showing Scotland now at 68% against Brexit, Kirsty Hughes (Director, Scottish Centre on European Relations) asks if “The SNP are […]

    10th Jan'18 6
  • Brexit
    Gordon Guthrie 2nd Jan'18 14
  • Brexit

    Our Finest Hour

    This is really going to piss Nigel Farage off. By any measure, the Battle of Britain stands with the October revolution as among the most […]

    Peter Arnott 18th Dec'17 47

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