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Calman Report

  • Alex Salmond

    Stepping Stone or Stonewalling?

    Doug Daniel on the questions needing answered by those advocating Devo-Max

    Doug Daniel 19th Oct'11 12
  • Calman Report

    Tom & Gerry

    Tom Miers has been in the news lately with his report from the think tank, “Policy Exchange”, entitled, “The Devolution Distraction”. I thought I’d take […]

    Doug the Dug 20th Jul'10 10
  • Calman Report

    Autonomy & Independence

    Ian Bell has an article in the Sunday Herald (‘Hung Drawn and Independent’) where he looks at how a hung parliament might lead to Scottish […]

    Doug the Dug 8th Apr'10 9
  • Calman Report

    Elite Rule Has Failed

    On a sad day when the political charades of Chilcot will be gone through with rigorous predictability and we mourn the loss of Jerome David […]

    Joan McAlpine 29th Jan'10 7
  • Anti-Capitalism

    St Andrews Day 2010

    Saturday saw people travelling from Dumfries, Fife, the Borders, Glasgow and across central Scotland to be part of the Building a Movement for Yes event. […]

    Mike Small 30th Nov'09 13
  • Calman Report


    The Calman Report was either the biggest thing to happen to Scotland in thirty years or a complete non-event, depending on who you read and […]

    Mike Small 18th Jun'09 8

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