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    When the maps run out

    I have been thinking about the slipperiness of history, how it escapes our grasp. When we study a war in school, the first facts we […]

    Dougald Hine 14th Nov'16 21
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    High Land Hard Rain

    If an upturned boat is a watershed, what’s a country whose rivers have burst their banks? A deluge? A torrent? As climate change literally batters […]

    Mike Small 11th Jan'16 53
  • Autonomism

    Top Ten P2P Trends of 2015

    We live in a contradictory world, just as it is undoubtedly true that problems are worsening in the dominant system — including ecological destruction, increased social inequality, and increased […]

    Michel Bauwens 7th Jan'16 4
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    The Bridge

    The Bridge (Danish: Broen; Swedish: Bron; Scottish: Broken).  As the public teeters on the edge of overcrowded station platforms across Fife, the full scale of our catastrophic over-reliance on […]

    Mike Small 7th Dec'15 48
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    Anti-Austerity / Pro-Democracy

    Cat Boyd previews the launch of RISE in Glasgow …

    Cat Boyd 28th Aug'15 32
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    Mike Small 5th Jul'15 23
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    Austerity Europe v The People

    In true Greek fashion, the originators of democracy will hold a referendum this weekend to determine whether or not Greece accepts the terms of the […]

    Fraser Stewart 30th Jun'15 20
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    Greek Myths

    Can an independent country share a currency? The Elgin Marbles depict the mythology of ancient Greece. The modern myth is that sovereign Nations can be […]

    Ronnie Morrison 29th Jun'15 38
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    Angus Ogg 14th Sep'14 6
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    Third Scotland

    “The scale of change in Scotland in recent years has been of historic proportions. One consequence of this has been the sense of incomprehension and […]

    Gerry Hassan 24th Apr'14 16
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    Supple Minds

    ‘The independence referendum is, in a stark way, beginning to reveal the real lines of power and authority inside the UK’ writes the  NEF’s James […]

    James Meadway 14th Feb'14 32
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    Fumes, Oligarchs and Resilience

    Several elements of the Grangemouth spectacle were on the edge of farce this week. MP Eric Joyce complaining that the people of the area “deserved […]

    Mike Small 26th Oct'13 12
  • Banking Crisis

    Paul Mason at FutureFest

    Paul Mason (@paulmasonnew) Culture & Digital Editor, Channel 4 News, author of ‘Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere’ (Verso). Blogs here. Here at Futurefest …

    7th Oct'13 0
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    Commonwealth Games

    Yesterday’s announcement of the Commonwealth Games tickets going on sale was rather spoiled by today’s announcement that – in the event of us deciding our […]

    Mike Small 20th Aug'13 10

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