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    Beyond Oil, Beyond Status Quo Britain

    The much awaited (and shambolically launched) Growth Commission is a change of mood music from Euphoric Trance House to Grime. It is a bold effort […]

    26th May'18 12
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    Singed Milk

    On the Ulva buy-out and memories from Eigg twenty years ago. Maxwell MacLeod raises a glass to Scotland’s greatest treasures. As a no hoper freelance […]

    Maxwell MacLeod 19th May'18 27
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    The Unelected are Our New Saviours

    Scotland had previously been understood as a ‘Liminal Land’ – stuck halfway, mid-process – between the states of devolution and independence – between something and […]

    Mike Small 18th May'18 15
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    Maxwell MacLeod 16th May'18 53
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    Ivanka Praying for Peace

    As the Palestinian death toll in border protest has risen to thirty-seven, Ivanka is on Instagram selling jewellery and opening the new US Embassy in […]

    Mike Small 14th May'18 13
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    Hostile Environment

    This spring saturday what do the newspapers tell us about the state we live in? The Daily Express wails at accountability for past military action […]

    Mike Small 12th May'18 20
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    Nicholas Russell 10th May'18 34
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    An Other World

    Layla-Roxanne Hill on why Scotland must break down invisible borders and ‘hostile environments’. The Windrush scandal has seen the lives of Black British citizens destroyed […]

    Layla Roxanne-Hill 8th May'18 5
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    Jonathon Shafi 7th May'18 80
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    May ’68 and Soul Culture

    Earlier this year Stuart Cosgrove’s book ‘Memphis 68’ won the Penderyn Music Book of the Year. He returns to Bella Caledonia to tell the unknown […]

    Stuart Cosgrove 7th May'18 0
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    Sunny Days in Glasgow

    Yesterday’s march was a huge and brilliant turnout which far exceeded the organisers expectations. It is a manifestation of the movements strength and an inspiration […]

    Mike Small 6th May'18 65
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    Liam O'Hare 5th May'18 6
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    Dr Bornstein’s Notebook

    You’ve got to admire the sheer chutzpah of Donald Trump self-description as “… the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency…” as revealed today. It […]

    Caitlin O'Hara 2nd May'18 3
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    George Gunn 30th Apr'18 9

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