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    Power Grab

    The Brexit farce has gone from being a widening of the democratic deficit to an attack on democracy and devolution. Scotland voted against this exercise […]

    Mike Small 13th Jul'17 14
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    Myths of the Gig Economy

    Pre-car-i-ous \pri-‘kar-e-as\ adj [L precarius obtained by entreaty, uncertain—more at PRAYER] (1646) 1: depending on the will or pleasure of another 2: dependent on uncertain […]

    Mike Small 11th Jul'17 1
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    We covered the problems with Karmarama’s new army advert way back in January (‘This is Belonging’) pointing out it was organised violence as an antidote […]

    Mike Small 11th Jul'17 10
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    From the Woodpile to the Bonfire

    It’s not been the best few days for the Tories. In just a few weeks Theresa May has gone from urging us to ‘Crush the […]

    Mike Small 11th Jul'17 5
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    Beware the Hand that Feeds

    Beware the Hand That Feeds You: Corporate Participation in Social Justice Movements. At the recent Pride march in Edinburgh there was a counter march against […]

    Ben Simmons 10th Jul'17 3
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    Wild Land

    Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly, alone; no harm […]

    Mike Small 10th Jul'17 24
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    Colonel Flustered

      The sense of entitlement is palpable. The shock at the temporary puncture of the media bubble that has protected Ruth Davidson is obvious. The […]

    Mike Small 9th Jul'17 12
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    On superyachts and oligarchs, big data and soft power. The covert tech and offshore power of the floating super rich. I The Man who saved […]

    Christopher Harvie 6th Jul'17 3
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    Good Night, Lily

    Paul Tritschler wanders around heaven and Earth, and finds there are more things than are dreamt of in our philosophy. The online ticket to Berlin […]

    Paul Tritschler 3rd Jul'17 5
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    Eutopia Lost

    David Jamieson explores a Scottish Euroscepticism. This article was first published in our print magazine, which comes free with The National on the first weekend of […]

    David Jamieson 3rd Jul'17 68
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    Strong and Stable. Full steam ahead.

    * Captain May kept the boat headed for the iceberg; she was damned if she was going to let Ensign Corbyn take the wheel. Ensign […]

    Alec Finlay 2nd Jul'17 10
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    The Heavy Bear and the Jellyfish

    “After the General Election in 2017, and sometime distant, will future political historians be asking “Is there is such a thing anymore as a Tory, […]

    George Gunn 2nd Jul'17 9
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    Gordon Guthrie 29th Jun'17 12
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    The Bones of a Nation

    The skeleton of Scotland— its bens, glens, and lochs — were shaped by the brutal cleaving of the earth by glaciers; the deformities and scars reflecting the […]

    Magnus Jamieson 29th Jun'17 26

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