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    Tribes and How to Win Them

    Today everybody’s gone tribal. Prompted by Gerry’s account of Labour’s extended huff (A nation defined by more than party prejudice) and this rather generous advert […]

    Mike Small 20th Jul'13 17
  • Arts & Culture

    Gaelic Media Facts

    Amazing the value for money in Gaelic broadcasting. It survives on small budgets and punches way above its weight. The BBC invests £4.9m in BBC […]

    Arthur Cormack 17th Jul'13 8
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    Christopher Silver 16th Jul'13 11
  • Banking Crisis

    Mismanaging Money

    Unionists are fond of playing on the uncertainties of the future, imagining all the possible things that might go wrong in the economy of an […]

    Rae Fisher 15th Jul'13 7
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    Land: Not Out of our Hands

      In any economy the use of land sits at the heart of its potential success. Who owns that land is central to how that […]

    David Cameron 11th Jul'13 6
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      In my brother’s garden is a dug. It stays there awe day, everyday This dug is feart o leaving Feart that it micht no […]

    Thom Cross 11th Jul'13 10
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    Cmoan Andy!

      Andy Murray is about to take to the Centre Court at Wimbledon to do battle with Novak Djokovic. After two captivating thrill-a-minute semi finals […]

    Kevin Williamson 7th Jul'13 12
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    Daniel Mittler 4th Jul'13 25
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    George Gunn 1st Jul'13 42
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    Bella’s Break

    Bella is on her holidays. We’ll be back soon, sun-kissed, relaxed and refreshed by the elixir that is the Hebridean air. In the meantime, if […]

    Mike Small 30th Jun'13 6
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    Gaelic Revival from Portree to Leith

    Are there signs of a gaelic revival beag air bheag? Modest and scattered but nevertheless visible? Numbers in pre-school in Skye are at an all […]

    Mike Small 30th Jun'13 17
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    Russell Bruce 28th Jun'13 40
  • Arts & Culture

    Austerity Unionism

    There’s an incredible process of unification and merger going on before our eyes. George Osbourne today announced cuts of £11.5b more from public services coming […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'13 6
  • Anti-Capitalism

    A New Economics for a New Scotland

    This is a debate you rarely hear in the independence movement and it’s an essential one. All else is fluff and denial. Tim Jenkins of […]

    26th Jun'13 4

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