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    Mike Small 7th Nov'12 13
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    Book Review: Thinking in Pibroch

    Dougie Strang reviews Voicing Scotland, a new publication written by musician Gary West and published by Luath Press THINKING IN PIBROCH Voicing Scotland is a timely […]

    Dougie Strang 7th Nov'12 1
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    Irvine Welsh 6th Nov'12 1
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    Peter Ramand 6th Nov'12 13
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    That was then this is now then

      The British Broadcasting Corporation will not survive ‘Savilegate’. Internal inquiries are ongoing. Reports will emerge in due course etc, but we’ve witnessed this process […]

    Ian Brotherhood 30th Oct'12 28
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    Lesley Riddoch 26th Oct'12 19
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    “May no new things arise” – a Spanish blessing. “May you live in interesting times” – a Chinese curse. Notice something, something rather important? The […]

    Bill Wilson 22nd Oct'12 4
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    The New Disruption

    Disruption: break, an act of interrupting the continuity.

    Robin McAlpine 15th Oct'12 13
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    Photo Opportunity

    Friends, I promise I have tried to find things to like in tourism as an industry, but to you I lay bare my confession–the best […]

    Fiona MacInnes 13th Oct'12 7
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    Something from Nothing

    Now that we’re done scratching our heads and picking ourselves off the floor after Johann Lamont’s “brave,” and “bold,” policy shift in which she announced […]

    J Simon Jones 11th Oct'12 18
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    Definitely Maybe

    Devo Max, Devo Plus or Devo Shshh. All are off the ballot. Doug Daniel surveys the landscape and asks why?   The framing of David […]

    Doug Daniel 11th Oct'12 19
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    Mike Small 25th Sep'12 0
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    March for Indy

    We’re collecting views and photos from today’s march and rally and collating blogs and columns on it. Send us your links, comments and photos. Bella’s […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'12 10
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    Arguing for Independence

    Arguing for Independence lifts the entire debate on Scottish independence to a new intellectual level…

    Mike Small 18th Sep'12 6

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