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    The Yes Campaign is Out of Control

    If you’re ever feeling doubtful…this is the campaign to save the Union in the busiest shopping street in Scotland’s largest city last Saturday (no photo-shopping […]

    Mike Small 3rd Mar'14 24
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    Future Focused

    What is the source of people’s fear and lack of confidence? Some of it is inculcated by the No campaign, but some of it goes […]

    Mike Small 2nd Mar'14 24
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    Certainty and Falsehood

    John S Warren on Douglas Alexander’s asymptotic offer of further Scottish Devolution Douglas Alexander claims in his speech (28th February) that Scotland already has the […]

    John S Warren 1st Mar'14 41
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    Gavin Falconer 1st Mar'14 17
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    George Gunn 28th Feb'14 9
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    Mike Small 28th Feb'14 22
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    Honey I Shrunk the Country!

    Here’s a teaser. Imagine a helicopter takes off from the most northerly point in the UK and flies in a straight line to the most […]

    Dr Robert Sproul-Cran 27th Feb'14 93
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    Hamish Scott 27th Feb'14 13
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    Karen Campbell 26th Feb'14 49
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    The Fiction of the Continuing State

    Grand Larceny and the fiction of the continuing state. Part IV of the legal opinion published by HMG last year claims Scotland was “extinguished” when it […]

    Christian Wright 25th Feb'14 49
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    A Culture of Contempt

      Like the classroom bully always says, “it’s just for a laugh,” but the satire on “5 alternative currencies for an independent Scotland” published this […]

    Alastair McIntosh 19th Feb'14 37
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    Dangerous Games

    One of the strangest aspects of the referendum “debate” so far has been watching people who claim to support a particular outcome rubbish the very […]

    Cath Ferguson 18th Feb'14 21
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    Reasons to Be Cheerful Part 1

    As the Osborne offensive flops – we look at 5 reasons why and how this weeks big efforts to torpedo Yes have backfired spectacularly …

    Mike Small 18th Feb'14 9
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    Osborne’s Failed Foray North

    There’s mounting evidence that Osborne’s foray into Scottish politics has had a – perhaps predictable – negative impact and could be cause of a big […]

    Mike Small 17th Feb'14 33

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