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    Scotland’s Good Neighbour

    As the Nordic countries have discovered, small countries need to find kindred spirits who can present a common image and message to a world too […]

    John Bryden 19th Jan'14 13
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    18th Jan'14 10
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    Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

    No age group has more to gain – or lose – from the forthcoming referendum than the 16 and 17 year-olds who will be voting […]

    Ishbel Flett 18th Jan'14 22
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    That Alistair Darling speech in full:

    I want to just mention Sir Chris Hoy’s Thighs while gently spreading smear and innuendo, if you will. Because we are, in so many ways, […]

    16th Jan'14 17
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    Word Up

    Is it possible Danny Alexander is leading a secret black-ops team working at a sub audio level?

    Mike Small 14th Jan'14 2
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    50 Questions The No Camp Must Answer

    They’re an evasive mob when quizzed about what will happen in the event of a No vote.  No seems to stand for No Alt White […]

    Mike Small 13th Jan'14 11
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    What’s the Story?

    Where next for Labour? Andrew McFadyen argues the next election should be a referendum on the Bedroom Tax. The 2011 election campaign was very hard […]

    Angus McFaddyen 12th Jan'14 125
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    Kevin Brown 10th Jan'14 25
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    No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

    The Scottish Labour Party may have done itself irreparable damage yesterday with a bizarre and potentially suicidal response to a basic social policy with mass […]

    Mike Small 8th Jan'14 8
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    As Scotland enters its historic year what we need is journalists, good journalists. This week David Limond may go to jail for attacking a brave […]

    Mike Small 7th Jan'14 61
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    Hope and Glory?

    I’m beginning to think there’s a connection between this weeks story about dogs shitting facing north and Unionist commentators output (presumably genuflecting south). Hamish Macdonell […]

    Mike Small 7th Jan'14 2
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    Celtic Connections Preview

    Just as Celtic Connections comes round again this is a great interview with Donald Shaw and Joe Boyd talking about cultural revival and featuring Martyn […]

    Mike Small 6th Jan'14 2
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    The Ties That Bind

    `What more do you want?’ a somewhat exasperated left-leaning Englishwoman asked me not so long ago. `You’ve got your parliament, haven’t you? You’ve got your […]

    George Rosie 3rd Jan'14 11
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    George Gunn 2nd Jan'14 6

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