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    Let’s Talk Turkey

    As we head for the Tinsel there’s more bad news for No  – and now there’s a desperate need to set the agenda for the […]

    Mike Small 19th Dec'13 4
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    Closer – Issue 1

    As part of our plans for expansion we’re publishing four seasonal print publications, in the run up to the referendum. Here’s our first issue, our […]

    Mike Small 17th Dec'13 2
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    The Red Baron Flies Again

    Baron Foulkes of Cumnock is back on fine form tweeting today that: “John Major tells our Select Committee that it would take at least 10 […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'13 13
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    Intelligence Finance

    What’s emerging is not an alternative case for the Union but a war against the limited democracy we have. The revelation that Better Together is […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'13 4
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    Truth to Power

    Continuing our series of responses to Scotland’s Future, Alastair McIntosh: Towards a Nation of Parrhesíastes I got caught in a dilemma in November when the […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'13 7
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    Time’s Ticking

    Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far with our appeal, we’ve now reached over £8000. We’ve only got one week to go and […]

    Mike Small 14th Dec'13 0
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    The Shetland Card

      For the last couple of years the Liberal MSPs Tavish Scott (Shetland) and Liam McArthur (Orkney) plus the Tory relic Malcolm Sinclair (Earl of […]

    George Rosie 12th Dec'13 42
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    Why England needs its own White Paper

    For those of us used to politics saturated with talk of independence, last week provided a fascinating glimpse of what happens when the debate opens […]

    Christopher Silver 7th Dec'13 14
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    Austerity vs Hope: We have a Choice

    Jonathan Shafi has a memo for Osborne, Carmichael, Clegg and Cameron. Alistair Carmichael in the recent televised debate with Nicola Sturgeon said in reference to […]

    Jonathon Shafi 6th Dec'13 16
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    Commonweal Launch Party

    Robin McAlpine, Director of the Jimmy Reid Foundation on Commonweal We are often very suspicious of popular politics in Britain. In fact, we are not […]

    Robin McAlpine 6th Dec'13 1
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    What Have We Done Wrong?

    Bella wants to raise the standard of debate but sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the show. This has got to be […]

    Mike Small 4th Dec'13 23
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    Celebrating the Spirit of Envy

    What most struck me last week about Boris Johnson’s speech canonising Margaret Thatcher and thereby, paving the way for his own beatification, was how deeply […]

    Alastair McIntosh 2nd Dec'13 25
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    Green Day

    There is something strange about the latest controversy to surround the Green Brigade. This section of the Celtic support have produced far more provocative material […]

    Callum McCormick 2nd Dec'13 146
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    George Gunn 1st Dec'13 2

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