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    Future Folk (Us)

    Today on St Andrews Day we’re inviting readers and contributors to write for us on the themes of the White Paper (available here as an […]

    Mike Small 30th Nov'13 3
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    Facing the Facts

    Britain betrays its people, the establishment around the City and Westminster do not deserve our obedience …

    Jonathon Shafi 27th Nov'13 13
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    Reflections on RIC2013

      Tomorrow’s launch of the Scottish Government’s White Paper will take political centre stage.  As Dennis Canavan said at the opening of RIC 2013 there […]

    Kevin Williamson 25th Nov'13 5
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    The Levellers

    Euan McColm recently argued that: “politics needs passion but leave out the hateful attacks” though yesterday he seemed to be forgetting his sage-like advice. Obviously […]

    Mike Small 24th Nov'13 0
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    Declaration of Radical Independence

    A community, a society and a nation. An economy, an environment and a home…

    Mike Small 23rd Nov'13 9
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    An Idea for #RIC2013

    By Mike Small George Kerevan was quite right to say in the Scotsman yesterday (‘Radical Left’s Referendum Role‘): “RIC is the wild card in next […]

    23rd Nov'13 9
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    Compare and Contrast…

      The laziest cliché of the Indy debate so far has been the siren call of those who bemoan the quality of the contributions.  It’s […]

    Kevin Williamson 22nd Nov'13 7
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    Wave Power

    In the annals of liberation struggles I have never come across shipyard contracts being deployed against the natives, but hey ho. A few weeks ago […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 21st Nov'13 12
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    Be the Media

    Are you sick of the daily diet of dreadful news about Scotland? Each day we wake to be told about a new inability.  We have […]

    20th Nov'13 7
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    Open the doors and begin

    We must ditch the ‘droopy mantra’ of Scotland on pause. Around about a year ago I read, for the first time ever, ‘Open the Doors’, […]

    Stewart McDonald 19th Nov'13 2
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    No More Mr Nice Guy

    Are women actually going to vote yes or no to independence on the basis of a cuddly or less-cuddly man or on the perception of […]

    Fiona MacInnes 18th Nov'13 7
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    Unionism and the English Language

    But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. A bad usage can spread by tradition and imitation even among people who should and […]

    Christopher Silver 16th Nov'13 19
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    James Maxwell 15th Nov'13 39
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    Bedroom Tax Hypocrisy

    Gordon Brown, Anas Sarwar, Douglas Alexander and Jim Murphy were among 10 of the Labour Party’s Scots MPs who did not vote against the Bedroom […]

    Jack Foster 14th Nov'13 10

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