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  • EU membership

    London’s anti-Brexit march

    The pro-Europeans make their voice heard – London’s anti-Brexit march March 25th was the EU’s birthday. It was celebrated in London and elsewhere by anti-Brexit […]

    Lesley Docksey 29th Mar'17 1
  • EU membership

    Scottish and European

    Nicola Sturgeon today unveiled ‘Scotland’s Place in Europe’ – the first plan anywhere in UK for dealing with Brexit. It’s a bit of an odd […]

    Mike Small 20th Dec'16 23
  • EU membership

    Getting Your Ducks in a Row (Update)

    Ruth’s idea that the Brexit transparency, or lack of it, as outlined on the much maligned Question Time, got a bit of a battering by […]

    5th Dec'16 4
  • EU membership

    Brexit does not mean Brexit

    “You may think that your democracy is based on the sovereignty of the people. It isn’t. You may think the use of a referendum changed […]

    John S Warren 9th Nov'16 37
  • EU membership

    England to Leave the UK

    Breaking Up Britain was always too big a job for the Scots. It was always a job for the English writes Peter Arnott. Well, now […]

    Peter Arnott 1st Nov'16 60
  • EU membership

    Help Me Rhona

    As a ‘Hard Brexit’ now looks more and more certain it’s important to recall the arguments made by Better Together during the referendum. Thanks to […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'16 15
  • #Indyref2
    Phantom Power 18th Aug'16 1
  • EU membership
    Jasmine Chorley 15th Aug'16 14
  • EU membership

    The Real Result of the Referendum

    Last Friday I woke up before the alarm went off and picked up the phone to check the time. Even before having it for certain […]

    Joana Ramiro 28th Jun'16 31
  • EU membership

    Suspend the EU Referendum

    When Parliament is recalled on Monday, party leaders should allow MPs a free vote on whether to suspend the EU Referendum as a mark of […]

    Robert Alcock 18th Jun'16 25
  • EU membership

    Breaking Point?

    Visual imagery is everything. This poster is what Jonathan Jones has called the visual equivalent of Enoch Powell’s river of blood speech. The slogan ‘the EU […]

    Sunny Hundal 16th Jun'16 16
  • EU membership

    Brexit and Scottish Independence

    What will the impact of a Leave vote next week have on Scotland? How will our constitutional future be affected? Over at the National Michael […]

    Mike Small 15th Jun'16 17
  • EU membership
    18th May'16 3
  • EU membership

    The NHS and the EU

    We are in danger of being dragged out of the EU by a cabal of High Tories who have been squabbling about this for twenty […]

    12th May'16 9

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