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    Regan – the Charge Sheet

    Tom English and Henry McLeish are on the radio this morning telling us that heading up the SFA is a uniquely toxic post, and that […]

    2nd Feb'18 18
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    Mike Small 7th Nov'17 21
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    Lights Out in Ljubljana

    ‘Strachan Must Go!’ might seem like a shallow, knee-jerk and predictable response to the national teams failures, and it probably is, but he really must. […]

    Mike Small 9th Oct'17 26
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    Mike Small 18th Aug'17 2
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    Kick Off Time

    As the SPFL kicks off today, Andy Muirhead assesses the state of the game five years on from the prospect of ‘Armageddon’. Read Andy regularly […]

    Andy Muirhead 5th Aug'17 9
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    Andy Muirhead 5th Jul'17 19
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    Rangers are Bust (ed)

    [View the story “Rangers are Bust (ed)” on Storify]

    Mike Small 5th Jul'17 35
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    Off the Radar and Off the Hook

    Craig Whyte’s acquittal last week has left Rangers fans with the realisation that no one will be held accountable for the death of their club. […]

    Andy Muirhead 12th Jun'17 3
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    End of Season Report

    After a season that has been dominated by ‘the Invincibles’, a resurgent (then woeful) Hearts, an inspired Aberdeen side (now being disbanded), and the best […]

    7th Jun'17 7
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    The Duopoly Myth

    Last week Gerry Hassan tweeted a poll asking: “Who has been the most disastrously-run organisation in recent years in Scotland?”   The options were the […]

    Mike Small 13th Feb'17 25
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    The Malky Mackay Redemption Handbook

    Just when you think the SFA can sink no lower and display no further levels of incompetence, they surprise you. In a time when a […]

    Mike Small 16th Dec'16 23
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    Duncan McKay 17th Nov'16 25
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    Three Lions Led by Donkeys

    Great to see that the SFA, which can’t organise a fixture list, security at a cup final, discipline its own clubs or broker a broadcast […]

    Mike Small 3rd Nov'16 59
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    1998 and all That

    Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Israel, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro and San Marino. Of the 55 […]

    Callum Macdonald 16th Oct'16 15

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