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General Election 2017

  • General Election 2017

    Tweeddale Dumb and Tweedle D

    They are still saying “Strong and stable”. This is like Stepford Wives politics. These people are automatons. And clock this, the bar has been lowered […]

    13th Jun'17 15
  • General Election 2017

    Guns n Roses

    One of the greatest things about this dire general election was the complete failure of the media to dictate the agenda. News that Rupert Murdoch […]

    Mike Small 12th Jun'17 3
  • General Election 2017

    Scunnered; election reflections

    Three Scots that bide in newly Tory constituencies reflect oan the result. Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk. 2015, Calum Kerr SNP. 2017, John Lamont Conservative. Berwickshire, […]

    Tammas Clark 11th Jun'17 7
  • General Election 2017

    Hit the North

    “I think that there is a real possibility that concessions made by the Conservatives to the DUP may force Sinn Féin into a position where […]

    Peter McColl 9th Jun'17 21
  • General Election 2017

    Election Dawn and Crystal Balls

    I spent most of last night in an impressively improvised TV Studio for Broadcasting Scotland in the same kind of incoherent shock as has been […]

    Peter Arnott 9th Jun'17 32
  • General Election 2017

    Welcome to Anti Democracy

    This result just deepens the democratic deficit, once again delivering a Tory government that Scotland has voted massively against. But there’s two new elements to […]

    Mike Small 9th Jun'17 17
  • General Election 2017

    She’s Lying to You

    Our daily election diary …

    Mike Small 6th Jun'17 4
  • General Election 2017
    George Gunn 6th Jun'17 3
  • General Election 2017

    Worst Local Campaign of GE2017?

    Who’s running the worst local campaign in this weirder than weird general election? Bella’s competition offers extra points for use of terrible bar charts, leaflet […]

    6th Jun'17 3
  • General Election 2017

    The Fear Karma

    The recurring theme of the #GE2017 is of an elite scared of any dissent, whether its the Thurrock Lies footage, the censorship of Mr Ethical […]

    Mike Small 5th Jun'17 6
  • General Election 2017

    Ruth Davidson is Toast

    Ruth Davidson is a duplicitous politician and when her party fails big after this wildly-incompetent grasping farce of a campaign she will be left exposed […]

    Mike Small 31st May'17 33
  • General Election 2017

    Blue Order

    The media have been salivating in recent days about the prospect of a Tory revival in Scotland. There’s been much speculation about what has been […]

    Mike Small 10th May'17 33
  • General Election 2017

    Stability for the Precariat?

    Christopher Silver on the generation wars of our political era. If a week is a long time in politics a lifetime must seem interminable. Yet […]

    Christopher Silver 10th May'17 2

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