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Greg Moodie

  • Greg Moodie

    MoodieVision: The Joy Of Abstinence

    Series 2 Episode 2 of MoodieVision animation: The Joy Of Abstinence The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ is a […]

    Greg Moodie 29th Jul'15 1
  • Greg Moodie

    MoodieVision: Reporting Jockland

    Series 2 Episode 1 of MoodieVision animation: Reporting Jockland. The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s Election Dissection’ is a compilation of […]

    Greg Moodie 22nd Jul'15 10
  • Greg Moodie

    Turning Back Time

    Greg Moodie on Westminster’s obsession with austerity and the past. Plus Cher.

    Greg Moodie 1st May'15 12
  • Greg Moodie

    Westminster Eats Itself

    Greg Moodie on the recent interventions of desperate Westminster politicians.

    Greg Moodie 24th Apr'15 23
  • Greg Moodie

    Don’t Stop Me Now

    Greg Moodie has Jim Murphy gatecrashing the leaders’ debate. For no particular reason. It doesn’t really matter.

    17th Apr'15 8
  • Greg Moodie
    10th Apr'15 31
  • Greg Moodie

    Tea And Sympathy

    Greg Moodie on last night’s leaders’ debate.

    3rd Apr'15 12
  • Greg Moodie

    Boxing David

    Greg Moodie on ‘The battle for number 10’.

    27th Mar'15 8
  • Greg Moodie

    Total Eclipse Of Douglas Alexander

    Greg Moodie on Douglas Alexander’s problem with social media.

    20th Mar'15 21
  • Greg Moodie

    Top Knob

    In a desperate attempt to win votes, Scottish Labour appoint Jeremy Clarkson as their leader. It’s Greg Moodie, so don’t ask.

    13th Mar'15 21
  • Greg Moodie

    We All Fall Down

    Greg Moodie on the findings of the latest Lord Ashcroft poll.

    6th Mar'15 5
  • Greg Moodie

    You’re Worth It

    Greg Moodie on the Malcolm Rifkind-Jack Straw circus.

    27th Feb'15 15
  • Greg Moodie

    Protecting The Unborn With Trident

    Greg Moodie on Lord Robertson’s love affair with Trident.

    20th Feb'15 17
  • Greg Moodie

    It’s Not Pink

    Greg Moodie on the Labour Party’s ‘Woman to Woman’ tour.

    13th Feb'15 24

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