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    The Ethnic Card

    Recently I’ve noticed a strange duality in people whom I suspect of being closet racists: enthusiastically, and on occasion completely out of context, they proclaim […]

    Gavin Falconer 20th Jun'14 20
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    Open Community in the New Scotland?

    Angela Haggerty on the need for diversity and openness in the Yes campaign as a reflection of the wider aspiration for a diverse and multicultural […]

    Angela Haggerty 18th Jun'14 95
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    Mike Small 4th Jun'14 15
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    Thomas Coles 15th May'14 15
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    The Cause: Independence and Identity

    In late 2012, Writer and Broadcaster Billy Kay produced and presented a major series for  BBC Radio Scotland on the history of Scottish nationalism.  It […]

    Mike Small 24th Apr'14 9
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    Andy Wightman 24th Apr'14 20
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    ‘Ethnic’ Cleanse

    According to the Herald journalist David Torrance he is an ‘ethnic nationalist’. To the composer James Macmillan he is a ‘Blood Scot nationalist’ and ‘motivated […]

    Alan Bissett 16th Apr'14 39
  • Commentary

    Honey I Shrunk the Country!

    Here’s a teaser. Imagine a helicopter takes off from the most northerly point in the UK and flies in a straight line to the most […]

    Dr Robert Sproul-Cran 27th Feb'14 93
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    The Scottish Genome

    Holy crap this is possibly the most stupid thing Johann Lamont has ever said (and that’s a very competitive group): Labour’s gallant leader appears to […]

    Mike Small 26th Feb'14 63
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    The (Os) Bourne Identity

    Distance can lend enhancement to the view. I suspect that most people here in Ireland were not in the least surprised at the demeanor of […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 25th Feb'14 34
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    26th Jan'14 31
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    The World Is Not Scottish

    One of the souvenirs to be reliably found in the gift emporia on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, alongside the See You Jimmy hats and the Princess […]

    Fraser MacDonald 24th Jan'14 32
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    Andy Warhol included the words “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” in the program for a 1968 exhibition of his work at […]

    Mike Small 21st Jan'14 10
  • Film and Animation

    All of Us First

    Inspiring video to go with the stylish launch of Commonweal … is this what democracy looks like?

    8th Dec'13 12

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