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Industrial Action

  • Industrial Action

    BiFab and Beyond

    We asked Jimmy Robertson, scaffolder at Bifab, Burntisland, to reflect on the BiFab victory and the challenges ahead. How can it be that Methil is […]

    Jimmy Robertson 22nd Nov'17 20
  • Industrial Action

    Solidarity with BiFab

    “An inspiring example of workers taking their power back and demonstrates continuing capacity of trade unions to set political agenda.” GMB Scotland regional organiser Hazel […]

    17th Nov'17 6
  • Industrial Action

    Battle for BiFab March & Rally

    Communities in Fife and Lewis are battling for their jobs and urging the Scottish Government to help the threat to their livelihoods. Workers and their […]

    Mike Small 16th Nov'17 31
  • Industrial Action
    Jim Monaghan 15th Jun'15 12
  • Globalisation

    PFI Scotland

    As the full catastrophe of the Labour / Tory PFI scandal unfolds before our eyes, Bella starts a series of articles and films looking at […]

    21st Apr'12 7
  • Collapsononics
    Moira Dalgetty 13th Feb'12 6
  • Alex Salmond
    Christopher Harvie 2nd May'11 6
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Jimmy Reid: Scottish Socialist

    “I believe in socialism. I believe it will become abundantly clear that globalisation driven by multi-national corporations will be a disaster. I think there will […]

    Mike Small 11th Aug'10 4
  • Industrial Action

    Not So Special Delivery

    The same political forces that ask us to believe in the Union are the ones that are shredding Britain of the only civic institutions that […]

    John Pilger 3rd Nov'09 3

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