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  • Anti-Capitalism

    Out of the Wreckage

    George Monbiot recently came to Scotland to speak in Govan and Edinburgh to promote his new book ‘Out of the Wreckage’. For Monbiot this is […]

    Mike Small 27th Oct'17 1
  • Interview
    Ally Heather 25th Aug'17 2
  • Interview

    How is Theresa May still in power?

    Owen Jones interviews Frankie Boyle. On Britain’s faux morality, independence, self-censorship and moral outrage …

    26th Jun'17 1
  • Interview

    Unsubmissive France

    We should know by now that nothing is for certain in politics. We are living in an era of massive change. The high water mark […]

    Jonathon Shafi 14th Apr'17 3
  • Interview

    A Nasty Piece of Work

    Boris Johnson faces a proper journalist for a change. If you haven’t seen this classic interview with Eddie Mair you should watch it now. It […]

    14th Jul'16 25
  • Interview

    Interview with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

    In an interview with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh we discussed Women for Indy, the Yes movement, gender and religion, online abuse and political journeys. *** PLEASE GO HERE […]

    Mike Small 1st Jun'16 10
  • Interview
    Mike Small 19th Mar'16 21
  • Interview

    Owen Jones meets Mhairi Black

    We had hoped to interview Mhairi as part of our series, but we couldn’t make it happen, so instead we are re-posting this interview by […]

    18th Mar'16 8
  • Interview

    Bella interviews Alex Salmond

    We kick-off the first of a series of interviews in the run-up to the Holyrood elections discussing Brexit, the indyref, the oil figures and the […]

    Mike Small 17th Mar'16 42
  • Interview

    Bella Interview with Paul Mason

    We interviewed Paul Mason the day he came to the Edinburgh Book Festival about his book Post Capitalism: a Guide to Your Future and his […]

    Mike Small 1st Sep'15 38
  • Interview
    28th Jul'15 10
  • Interview

    Independent Futures

    In the run up to RIC 2014 and in the aftermath of the idea of the Yes Alliance apparently folding, we’ll be discussing strategies for […]

    Lesley Riddoch 15th Nov'14 36
  • Commentary
    24th Oct'14 4
  • Interview

    Dismantling the British State

    Exclusive interview for Bella Caledonia with Tariq Ali prior to his double-lecture this week in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    Mike Small 10th Mar'14 20

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