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New Labour

  • New Labour
    Donald Adamson 11th Sep'15 23
  • Alex Salmond

    The Irn Lady

    As Jimmy Reid famously said, he didn’t leave the Labour Party – the Labour Party left him. This is a week where that statement echoed […]

    Mike Small 22nd Apr'13 8
  • New Labour

    Ed in Inverness

    This is the actual speech given by Ed Milband, leader of the Labour Party. It’s worth reading, if only to pay witness to the continuity […]

    Mike Small 19th Apr'13 14
  • Commentary

    One Nation Under Review

    Think of how the Scottish Labour Party is conducting itself in the independence debate, and so far it’s not a life-enhancing experience. Voices like Johann […]

    Pat Kane 5th Feb'13 10
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Korea Suicide

    A Letter from Pyongyang …

    Mike Small 10th Oct'12 7
  • New Labour

    Boss Class Miserabilism

    “Scotland cannot be the only ‘something for nothing’ country in the world.” – Johann  Lamont The likelihood is that tomorrow or the next day a […]

    Mike Small 30th Sep'12 19
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Once Again We Will Be Left

      “All fixed, fast frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before […]

    Robin McAlpine 31st Jul'12 3
  • Arts & Culture
    George Gunn 1st Jul'12 9
  • New Labour

    Candy Floss Unionism

    Isobel Lindsay on behalf of the Scottish Independence Convention comments on UK Labour leader Ed Milliband’s speech today (Thursday) defending the union: “Ed Milliband’s candy […]

    Isobel Lindsay 11th Jun'12 2
  • New Labour

    Bambi Saves the Union

    Tony Blair’s considerable political skills have been put to great use since he resigned as Prime Minister. Since then he’s been busy bringing peace to […]

    Mike Small 22nd May'12 16
  • Alex Salmond

    A Dysfunctional Union

    Gordon Brown was the last Scottish Prime Minister of the UK. Ever. Even if we do not win independence in 2014 there will never be […]

    Andrew Anderson 13th May'12 18
  • Identity

    Green Day

    “Where do you stand on dog turds?” The question was asked in all seriousness at a local hustings. The candidate shuffled, composed himself and answered. […]

    Mike Small 5th May'12 7
  • New Labour

    Back to the Future

    Scotland on Sunday’s story about the loss to Scotland of the protective arm of M15 around our shoulder (Independent Scotland a ‘terror risk’) was revealing. […]

    Mike Small 1st May'12 11
  • Alex Salmond

    Max Headroom

    Scottish Independence poses the greatest existential threat to British imperialism since decolonisation…

    James Foley 2nd Apr'12 6

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