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New Scotland

  • New Scotland

    Unity in Diversity

    On Saturday the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow played host to the launch of RISE, a new electoral alliance aiming to deliver socialist representation in the […]

    James McEnaney 31st Aug'15 61
  • New Scotland
    One of a Multitude 23rd Aug'15 120
  • New Scotland
    Jordan Daly 18th Aug'15 30
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 1st Dec'13 2
  • New Scotland

    Liberty for Scotland: the Next Steps

    As the date of the vote for the Scottish Referendum stands firmly on the horizon, John Kay addresses the concrete steps that would need to […]

    Mike Small 1st Aug'13 9
  • Alex Salmond
    James Maxwell 1st Aug'13 2
  • Arts & Culture

    Against Scottish Wildness

    I’ll say it upfront and get it out of the way: I’ve never had much time for John Muir. He has become one of Scotland’s […]

    Fraser MacDonald 17th Jul'13 59
  • Autonomism

    It’s Democracy Stupid

    One of the most telling phrases in modern politics, “It’s the economy, stupid”, was coined by a strategist within Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign office […]

    Christopher Silver 7th Jun'13 11
  • Economics

    Escher Politics

    Under pressure from those who feel soiled by sharing a platform with the Tories (though oddly feel no problem in them running our country with […]

    Mike Small 13th May'13 10
  • Generation Y

    SCOTLAND 3.0

    This is the first of a series of extracts from Scotland’s Road to Socialism – Time to Choose, edited by Gregor Gall and published by […]

    Mike Small 9th May'13 3
  • Autonomism
    Scott Lavery 6th May'13 1
  • Identity

    On the Road

    One of the favourite refrains of the Scottish right is that Scotland’s centre of political gravity does not, as socialists and nationalists like to insist, […]

    Jamie Maxwell 2nd May'13 5
  • Alex Salmond

    The Irn Lady

    As Jimmy Reid famously said, he didn’t leave the Labour Party – the Labour Party left him. This is a week where that statement echoed […]

    Mike Small 22nd Apr'13 8
  • New Labour

    Ed in Inverness

    This is the actual speech given by Ed Milband, leader of the Labour Party. It’s worth reading, if only to pay witness to the continuity […]

    Mike Small 19th Apr'13 14

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