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    ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! shrieks the lion’s mane across the border. Order no.1 – you’ll have had your Scottish Parliament then. Order no.2 – sit down, […]

    Stuart Paterson 13th Jun'18 5
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    Order of the Rising Sun

    On 29th April, the Government of Japan announced that Alan Spence (Professor Emeritus of the University of Aberdeen) would be awarded an Order of the […]

    2nd May'18 6
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    Noble Poets

    The poetry world is having a meltdown [if you don’t care just to let you know that I don’t care that you don’t care, so […]

    Mike Small 26th Jan'18 10
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    Why can’t they give these damn mountains proper names? Their names are in our language; the mountains understand it and know each other by these […]

    Tessa Ransford 12th Dec'17 1
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    If This is a Lament

    Kurdish poet and activist Bejan Matur will be appearing at Neu! Reekie! in Summerhall Arts Centre on Thursday evening. Bejan is one of the international […]

    Kevin Williamson 15th Nov'17 0
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    Catalonia Caledonia

      (The Falangists reappear on the streets of Barcelona 1.10.17) If they were given permission by the Angel of History to be confounded by their […]

    George Gunn 2nd Oct'17 2
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    Poor. Old. Tired. Horse

    Ian Hamilton Finlay’s experimental visual poetry magazine Poor. Old. Tired. Horse (1962–68) is now online. “Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Poor.Old.Tired.Horse. is one of the most important visual poetry […]

    12th Sep'17 1
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    September 14

    Following on from Charlottesville Magi Gibson has written this anti-fascist poem remembering the events of George Square the day after the Independence Referendum. She writes about […]

    Magi Gibson 22nd Aug'17 11
  • Poetry

    Lean Bastards

    Kate Tempest’s searing opening at Glastonbury is worth a listen and a share …  

    26th Jun'17 4
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    In which her body was a question-mark querying her lies; her mouth a ballot-box that bit the hand that fed. Her eyes? They swivelled for […]

    Carol Ann Duffy 12th Jun'17 0
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    they will disperse, eternally they will disappear, entirely, wrapping their forms in the hides of rainbows the unpaid unarmed armies are surplus to requirements, bullfrog […]

    Niall McDevitt 15th May'17 0
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    35 Years

    THERE should be no second independence referendum for at least 35 years” – Ruth Davidson THERE should be no more Top Gear for at least […]

    Alec Finlay 15th May'17 6
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    Country Break

    I thought it would be fitting if we were driving North to a holiday cottage in Aviemore, our country rolling out before us, autumn-ripe. But […]

    Ciara MacLaverty 3rd May'17 12
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    Today I’ll wear a new dress, a fresh dress, a still-yes dress with shoes I’ve never worn before. I’ll show no signs of tears or […]

    Magi Gibson 14th Mar'17 2

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