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    Europe Is Lost

    Kate Calvert’s fan video became the official video for Kate Tempest’s poem Europe is Lost. Please share…. *** Support Bella to continue publishing with a […]

    Kate Tempest 7th Feb'17 1
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    29th Nov'16 0
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    The Isle of Rum’s name comes from the Gaelic ‘Rùn’ meaning secret, mystery, love or desire. ‘Ma theid duine a-steach do lathair Rùin Bidh a […]

    Kevin Murphy 21st Nov'16 27
  • Poetry

    The Zen of Brexit

    Now that we’ve voted for Brexit it’s time to discover what it is. Okay we didn’t vote for it, but that is beside the point, […]

    6th Sep'16 58
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    Nadine Aisha 19th Aug'16 0
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    Poetry – The Watt Selection

    Our second instalment of poetry this week comes from Roseanne Watt a poet and PhD student at the University of Stirling, reading in the disciplines of […]

    Roseanne Watt 18th Aug'16 0
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    Orla-Jo ní Dhúill 18th Aug'16 5
  • #Indyref2
    Hannah Wright 18th Aug'16 6
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    The First Time She Saw A Ciabatta

    (Reflections on Brexit) The first time she saw a Ciabatta Was on one sunny springlike day In a snack bar, by the meadows Sometime round […]

    David Greig 14th Jul'16 6
  • Poetry

    Edinburgh 2/7/16

    Wildflowers of the street-side: plantain between paving slabs and honesty – yes – lunaria annua rooted in the sludge under tenement walls, also hawksbit, daisies, […]

    Kathleen Jamie 11th Jul'16 4
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    Kate Tempest – Progress

      Want to support Bella to continue? We need your support. Donate to Bella HERE.

    17th May'16 0
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    Bram E Gieben 9th Dec'15 61
  • Poetry

    A Carrying Stream

    Last year Colin Waters wrote: “Throw a stone in Edinburgh or Glasgow today and you’ll hit a poet. The Scottish spoken word scene has exploded, […]

    Mike Small 27th Nov'15 2
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    Dòchas – rionnag anns na speuran. Dùil – rocaid agus rionnag anns na speuran. Creideamh – adhar làn rionnagan. Cinnt – grian a’ deàrrsadh   […]

    8th Oct'15 6

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