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    Robert J Somynne 19th Aug'16 18
  • Poetry
    Orla-Jo ní Dhúill 18th Aug'16 5
  • Arts & Culture
    Karen Mailley-WattRachael Purse 17th Aug'16 0
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    Kirsty Strickland 12th Aug'16 19
  • Arts & Culture

    Play Me Something

    Join Bella Caledonia at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow on Wednesday 4th of May, for a rare screening of Play Me Something, a hidden gem of […]

    7th Apr'16 0
  • Scottish Culture

    Culture Shift

    Bella is delighted to announce a new strand of work celebrating Gaelic and Scots language and culture with regular content to be published in both […]

    Mike Small 28th Oct'15 47
  • Scottish Culture

    Beyond Orangefest

    By Mike Small This is a Freedom Of Information request to Police Scotland (thanks to @lordanthony23). There were 608 Orange marches in Scotland to 5th […]

    3rd Jun'15 114
  • Scottish Culture

    A Question of Sport

      Around a decade ago, still with the naive belief that a Scots-speaking ‘ned’ from the South West would be given any sort of opportunity […]

    Daibhidh Rothach 6th May'14 25
  • Scottish Culture

    Whisky Galore

    The exploits of the Buckfast Triangle has been in the news recently. But here, Alex Renton explores the other end of corporate booze culture. The […]

    Alex Renton 4th Feb'14 7
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig


    What is Struileag? It’s a good question to kick-off discussion with Jim Sutherland, the giant and genial bubbling hulk behind the project as we meet […]

    Mike Small 2nd Aug'13 13
  • Commentary

    Who Carries The Carriers?

      ‘There is no place more revolutionary and no time more exciting than right here and right now in Scotland,’ writes Andrew Redmond Barr of […]

    Alan Bissett 6th Jun'13 35
  • Scottish Culture

    Speakin oot for Scots

    Lang syne acceptit as a ‘language’ by the Scottish an UK parliaments, oor heidmaist spoken minority leid aye has a want o status or e’en […]

    Mike Small 28th May'13 19
  • Arts & Culture

    Scottish Album of the Year

    No Fuzzy Friday today because, er, nobody’s sent anything in , and because we were up all night laughing our asses off at Nigel Farage. […]

    Mike Small 17th May'13 0
  • Generation Y

    SCOTLAND 3.0

    This is the first of a series of extracts from Scotland’s Road to Socialism – Time to Choose, edited by Gregor Gall and published by […]

    Mike Small 9th May'13 3

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