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Scottish Culture

  • Referendum on Independence

    Irvine Welsh on Scottish Independence

    6 min clip of Irvine Welsh v Tristram Hunt with Jeremy Paxman in the chair.  (From BBC Newsnight on 20th Apr 2012)

    Irvine Welsh 13th May'12 19
  • Scottish Culture


    Does the Butcher’s Apron do your head in? Are you already tired of the tat? Are your eyes wearied by Jubilee propaganda? Bored of Team […]

    Mike Small 12th May'12 31
  • Football

    Tainted League

    A man born in Devon who’s been involved in Scottish football for three years has just decided the fate of  the game north of the […]

    Mike Small 3rd May'12 15
  • New Labour

    Back to the Future

    Scotland on Sunday’s story about the loss to Scotland of the protective arm of M15 around our shoulder (Independent Scotland a ‘terror risk’) was revealing. […]

    Mike Small 1st May'12 11
  • Politics

    When Duty Calls

    We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.– George Orwell A while back […]

    Michael Greenwell 21st Apr'12 17
  • Identity

    Orkney and the New Class Culture

    In the 60s I would hear my father describe the Orkney in which we lived as a classless society. Then I didn’t know what ‘class’ […]

    Fiona MacInnes 20th Apr'12 19
  • Commentary
    Mike Small 19th Apr'12 67
  • Football

    SPL Reduce Scottish Football to Farce

    We’re asking all fans to support the statement: “If Rangers #newco are allowed back to the SPL immediately I will officially stop attending SPL football […]

    Mike Small 11th Apr'12 121
  • Alex Salmond
    James Maxwell 3rd Apr'12 15
  • Film and Animation
    Mike Small 15th Mar'12 1
  • Football

    EBT Phone Home

    The Scottish Football Association have appointed Lord William Nimmo Smith to chair their inquiry into recent activities at Rangers. Here one well-informed caller nails it […]

    Mike Small 26th Feb'12 1
  • Identity

    An Awfully Big Adventure

    According to Neil Oliver the referendum will be ‘the biggest decision in 300 years’. So ca’ very canny … I wonder. In 1707-15, as far […]

    Christopher Harvie 17th Feb'12 8
  • Alex Salmond

    The Spin Room

    So what just happened? Watching the body language, maneuvering and positioning is fascinating. Salmond welcomes Cameron, and hand on back ushers him into a room […]

    Mike Small 16th Feb'12 19
  • Commentary

    Rangers On the Edge

    These are indeed historic days for Alba, for just as Scotland’s Claim of Right may about to be asserted at the ballot box in 2014 […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 14th Feb'12 39

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