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Scottish Culture

  • International

    Global Gathering

    Defending Mary Ann Kennedy’s Global Gathering

    Kate Higgins 13th Feb'12 22
  • New Labour

    Let Glasgow Flourish

    It’s a common – and often justified – complaint that Scotland’s mainstream media outlets focus disproportionately on Glasgow when deeming what’s worthy of ‘news’ status.  […]

    Jonathan Mackie 10th Feb'12 15
  • New Labour

    Labour for Independence

    Under what conditions – say, the next 24 months leading up to the most important political event in 300 years for Scotland – could a […]

    Pat Kane 10th Feb'12 14
  • Alex Salmond


    Pundits seem to be coalescing around the idea that a ‘positive message’ is an essential part of political campaigning (nothing new here, see Pat’s Juggernaut […]

    Mike Small 28th Jan'12 19
  • Digital Culture


    This from Social Media Week Glasgow Crowdsourced Scottish Poetry Audiobook:

    27th Jan'12 0
  • Identity
    Kevin Williamson 23rd Jan'12 1
  • Referendum on Independence

    Why Indy Lite is Wrong

      It’s fair to say – along with the not-so-gentle student arm-twisting of a newly elected representative for the South of Scotland region – that […]

    Pat Kane 17th Jan'12 21
  • Arts & Culture

    Beyond Knoxian Theatre

    Scotland does it all the time. We were taught it at school and in the street, by grannies and the meenister; more significantly (ominously?) by […]

    Thom Cross 17th Jan'12 9
  • Alex Salmond

    Bad News

    One of the most dispiriting aspects of the debate surrounding Scotland’s constitutional future has been the relentless, grinding superficiality with which the London-based media have […]

    Jamie Maxwell 12th Jan'12 15
  • Alex Salmond

    The Union: A Journey into the Unknown

    Politicians, commentators and posters have in recent months urged Unionists to make their positive case for the Union. Although some of us are rapidly coming […]

    Dorothy Bruce 10th Jan'12 14
  • Music


    Terminally bored by the perennial national anthem debate. It’s Flower of Scotland, get over it. Here’s the wonderful Louis Jor­dan and his Tym­pa­ny Five play…

    3rd Jan'12 10
  • Media

    Happy New 2012!

    I hate focus group politics. But we want to to know what you want more of – and less of from us and our squad […]

    Mike Small 1st Jan'12 30
  • Football

    Offensive Behaviour

    Disppeling some myths about the new anti-bigotry bill. Extract from a great piece by Humza Yousa (read the full article over at The Glaswegian): Everybody […]

    Humza Yousa 15th Dec'11 11
  • Referendum on Independence

    Labour’s Leader Lamont

    It’s unfair I know but the idea that there’s more likelihood of Hearts players getting paid on time than Johann Lamont breathing life energy and […]

    Mike Small 13th Dec'11 6

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