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Scottish Culture

  • New Scotland

    Scotland the World Over

    You might think that we would *hate* Edinburgh-based website, who pipped Bella to top-spot in The Lists definitive guide to The Best Blogs in […]

    Mike Small 28th Nov'11 0
  • Antifascism
    Andrew Anderson 26th Nov'11 23
  • Basque Country

    Breaking Waves

    The Scots and the Basques are the European nations which are most likely to break away from the states of which they are currently citizens […]

    Mike Small 24th Nov'11 1
  • Monarchy
    Tom Nairn 24th Nov'11 2
  • Identity
    Paul Flannery 20th Nov'11 14
  • Football

    Still No Team GB

    It’s somewhere between Marvel’s Captain Britain and a Rangers top circa 1988 (has someone been a bit clever?). But don’t expect them to fly off […]

    Mike Small 9th Nov'11 10
  • Anti-Capitalism

    A Freire Future for Scotland

    Scotland is pregnant with liberty and awaits deliverance.

    Thom Cross 7th Nov'11 6
  • Scottish Culture

    Equal Marriage

    As we celebrate the first openly gay leader of a political party in Britain and as the Catholic Church organises to send out 100,000 protest […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'11 23
  • International

    The Irish Dimension

    If Scotland becomes Independent, suddenly, Northern Ireland is a constitutional Nobody’s Child.

    Shane McKenna 3rd Nov'11 70
  • Football

    Should the Old Firm Leave?

    Would Scotland be better without the Old Firm? Scott Hill argues it is imperative that they remain within their homeland.

    Scott Hill 2nd Nov'11 11
  • New Labour

    Wherefore art thou, Scottish Labour?

    There is no denying that whoever wins the Scottish Labour leadership contest is taking on a big job. In no particular order, the leader has […]

    Kate Higgins 30th Oct'11 10
  • Music
    Mike Small 29th Oct'11 18
  • Referendum on Independence
    Kevin Williamson 23rd Oct'11 8
  • Interview

    Velvet and Stone

    Interview with Neal Ascherson, journalist and historian, (@jamesmaxwell86). Neal Ascherson was born in Edinburgh in 1932. He was educated at Eton College and then at […]

    Jamie Maxwell 10th Oct'11 16

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