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  • Anti-Capitalism

    Robo-Marxism Grand Luxe

    The machines are coming for your job. Do not doubt that for a nanosecond. They’re also coming for your entire skill-set, rendering you a ponderous […]

    D.J. MacLennan 23rd Jul'16 18
  • Digital Culture

    Utopian Adjuster (Scotland)

    This may help, in the last few activist hours. At least it isn’t 2050, when the robots will do it all for us…

    Joint Editors 4th May'16 18
  • Tech

    Europe’s Greater Springfield

    Yellow, four-fingered, but getting somewhere: Europe’s Greater Springfield’ can learn from the Simpsons. I It is good to see Jim McColl banging heads together to […]

    Christopher Harvie 29th Jul'15 14
  • Tech

    Deleted Speech

    This seems to be poetry week all of a sudden. In case you missed the Tories attempt to delete 10 years of speeches and press […]

    Mike Small 19th Nov'13 0
  • Scottish Culture
    Kevin Williamson 13th Jun'12 4
  • Digital Culture

    Program or Be Programmed

    Douglas Rushkoff expounds on his new book “Program or Be Programmed’. Rushkoff is an American media theorist, writer, columnist,  graphic novelist and documentarian. He is […]

    Mike Small 26th Sep'11 0
  • Media


    From our friends over at festivalslab: Now that the wedding is out the way, the world can now focus on The Next Thing…namely Culture Hack […]

    Mike Small 2nd May'11 0

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