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  • Identity

    La Flama de tot un Poble en Moviment

    The Lip Dub for Independence is a self-evidently powerful demonstration of national solidarity intended to reach out to the world to let it know that […]

    Frankly's Bloque 6th Dec'10 12
  • Generation Y
    Ewan Morrison 16th Nov'10 1
  • Scottish Culture

    Bevvy Merchants

    I’ve spent 12 years now being up close and personal with the Scottish Parliament and engaged in more legislative processes than I care to remember.  Some […]

    Kate Higgins 9th Nov'10 5
  • Events

    Positively Independent

    What’s the point of independence? Opponents routinely portray the independence movement as being about ‘divorce’  ‘break-up’ and separation. Those within it see it as an […]

    Mike Small 4th Nov'10 14
  • Community Education

    So now begin

    Open the doors! Light of the day, shine in; light of the mind, shine out! We have a building which is more than a building. […]

    Mike Small 19th Aug'10 3
  • Climate Change
    Mike Small 21st Jul'10 3
  • Uncategorized
    Kevin Williamson 20th Jul'10 4
  • Uncategorized

    Letter To George Osbourne

    Chancellor of the Exchequer 11 Downing Street London England 24th June 2010 Dear George Osbourne It has come to my attention that while many of […]

    Kevin Williamson 26th Jun'10 30
  • Uncategorized
    Kevin Williamson 1st Jun'10 11
  • General Election 2010


    This is the stuff of Burroughs not Orwell. The media elite have created an ‘unpeople’ governed by an invisible party only seen in fleeting glimpses […]

    Mike Small 5th May'10 10
  • Death of Capitalism

    Poisoned Chalice, anyone?

    As a nation reels from what can only be described as ‘a kick in the polls’ by the London Meeja and their cross-party paymasters, Christopher […]

    Christopher Harvie 4th May'10 1
  • Environmental Justice
    Elaine MorrisonPeter McColl 4th May'10 0
  • General Election 2010

    TV Coup

    At (almost) the end of an election campaign dominated by media interests and distortion, we asked Doug to examine the legal case against the SNP. […]

    Doug the Dug 3rd May'10 3
  • Uncategorized

    #scotlandspeaks again

    What’s being billed as ‘the last debate’ takes place tonight. No, I know there are other debates in ‘the regions’ but they were put there […]

    Mike Small 29th Apr'10 2

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