Douglas Stuart Wilson

Douglas Stuart Wilson lives in Europe and thus proudly qualifies as a “citizen of nowhere” as per the ravings of the current British Prime Minister, the horrific gasworks facade of a woman known as Theresa May.

This status, despite Wilson having gone to the trouble of actually being born in Aberdeen in 1969, raised in Edinburgh down Portobello way, before graduating from Glasgow Uni in 1992. When the Conservatives were elected for a fourth consecutive term in May of that fateful year, Wilson fled Scotland for Spain in protest, having no memories of human existence in a country governed by anybody other than the unbearable Tories.
Wilson is a freelance translator, writer and film-maker who has worked in the Spanish film industry since 1995 with many of Spain’s leading directors, producers and screenplay writers in various differing capacities such as story-editor, development executive, producer, screenplay writer and translator. During this time, Wilson independently produced the award winning Spanish cult classic, “Concursante” (“The Contestant”), the debut feature film of Rodrigo Cortés. “

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