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    Bella is in reflective mood and wants to respond to the challenge laid down by Gerry Hassan about ‘the thinness of much of what passes […]

    Gerry Hassan 3rd Jan'13 10
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    Arc of Innovation?

    Here’s an unashamed plug for Lesley Riddoch’s Nordic Horizons series with two events coming up ‘The Great Green Danes’ in January and ‘Iceland Bounces Back’ […]

    Mike Small 3rd Jan'13 0
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    On to a New Media

    The media in Scotland remains a travesty of poor quality, underfunded, grossly biased and deeply conservative broadcasting and print media. There’s not a newspaper in […]

    Mike Small 1st Jan'13 10
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    Lamont’s Apostasy

    2012 in Scottish politics was a year to be remembered for two meetings. The first occurred on the 15th of October in Edinburgh between Alex […]

    Callum McCormick 1st Jan'13 12
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    Fade to Gray

    Watching Scots administer a beating to one of their greats is an unedifying but, sadly, not an unusual spectacle. All the more so when it […]

    Harry McGrath 30th Dec'12 50
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    Punctuation and Persuadables

    In the next part of our review of the year, Kate Higgins looks at the highs and lows of the Yes and No campaigns and […]

    Kate Higgins 29th Dec'12 0
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    Energy Futures

    Shaun Burnie on why Big Energy can’t deliver Green Energy, and why we need an energy descent plan for Scotland…

    Shaun Burnie 29th Dec'12 13
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    Continuing our series #bellasbigreview – Michael Greenwell reflects on the year in politics, asking: are we a society addicted to a failed economy? The definition […]

    Michael Greenwell 28th Dec'12 3
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    This Land is our Land

    Right over the holidays Bella will be publishing a series of review of 2012 and previews of the year ahead. Collectively, these are Bella’s Big […]

    Gerry Loose 27th Dec'12 5
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    Reasons to be Cheerful

    As it’s announced that ‘Director of Creative Development’ Venu Dhupa is ‘standing down’, Ruth Wishart looks at the future. If you had a taste for […]

    Ruth Wishart 20th Dec'12 15
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    Lesley Riddoch 19th Dec'12 43
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    Kevin Williamson 19th Dec'12 17
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    Kevin Williamson 18th Dec'12 27
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    Kevin WilliamsonMike Small 17th Dec'12 36

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