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  • New Scotland

    The Self-Determination of Yes

    Sooner or later the right to self determination will be exercised by the majority people in my country. When I vote ‘yes’ to independence I […]

    James Kelman 31st Mar'12 22
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Land tenure and Deeside Gaelic

    Pictured above is Rob Bain of Ardoch, Deeside, Aberdeenshire who died in July, 2010. Rob was the son of Jean Bain, the last native speaker […]

    Andy Wightman 31st Mar'12 9
  • Alex Salmond

    The Bain Principle

    This image is brought to you by Scotland Says Yes. This week saw the leak of a document that showed the depths of Labour tribalism. […]

    Mike Small 31st Mar'12 6
  • Love Life

    Love Life – March

    ‘Love Life’ is Bella’s Agony Aunt column by Jamie Heckert… because the personal is political and the ‘state we’re in’ is complicated. Freedom, in Scotland […]

    Jamie Heckert 30th Mar'12 2
  • Football

    Silence of the Lambs

    Rangers Tax Case is Scotland’s Al Jazeera. Is @alextomo about to blow Scottish football & media out of it’s comfort zone?

    Mike Small 29th Mar'12 24
  • Anti-Capitalism

    On Common Ground

    the right of nations to self-determination” does not necessarily mean the right to separate, it means the right to decide whether or not to separate; […]

    Neil Davidson 29th Mar'12 10
  • Environmental Justice
    George Gunn 27th Mar'12 7
  • Arts & Culture

    Donald Trump Does Bohemian Rhapsody

    This from Jon Pullman and friends (please share widely). This should be read alongside O Donald Trump Woe Donald Trump:

    26th Mar'12 2
  • Monarchy
    Doug Daniel 24th Mar'12 105
  • Arts & Culture
    Mike Small 22nd Mar'12 1
  • Review
    Mike Small 22nd Mar'12 6
  • Referendum on Independence
    Jim Sillars 21st Mar'12 22
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Occupying a non-place

    In an exclusive new essay for Bella Caledonia, author Ewan Morrison has some critical words to say about the direction taken by the global Occupy […]

    Ewan Morrison 19th Mar'12 19
  • Alex Salmond

    Death of NHS will End the Union

    Policeman in kettle: “Is there anyone in need of medical attention?” Protester: “How much will it cost?!” The vision of armed police kettling peaceful demonstrators […]

    Mike Small 19th Mar'12 18

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