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  • Arts & Culture

    When the Blackbird Sings

    When the Blackbird Sings is an exhibition of photographs by Jannica Honey currently showing at the Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh which focuses on the female […]

    Mike Small 18th Mar'18 2
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    Jamie Maxwell 18th Mar'18 23
  • Commentary
    Michael Gray 17th Mar'18 22
  • Arts & Culture
    Gerry Hassan 16th Mar'18 16
  • Identity

    I Come from Where?

    “Where do you come from?” is a question everybody gets asked.  Maybe when you’re at a party with your kids, standing awkwardly next to other […]

    Mark Smith 16th Mar'18 6
  • Commentary

    Only Begin

    The Yes movement? A Renew movement? A movement renewed to renew a society that cares … argues Justin Kenrick

    Justin Kenrick 16th Mar'18 9
  • Direct Action
    16th Mar'18 9
  • Review

    How to Start a New Country

    I only occasionally do book reviews, largely because I am not the world’s greatest reader of them and so do not often think about writing […]

    Richard Murphy 15th Mar'18 8
  • Events

    RIC Spring Conference

    The Radical Independence Campaign held its Spring Conference in Edinburgh on Saturday, 10th March. The conference was designed as one where the Left could take […]

    Allan Armstrong 15th Mar'18 5
  • Commentary

    The Russians Aren’t Coming

    The Russia’s aren’t coming. They’re not coming to steal our food banks and they’re not coming up the Clyde any time soon. They’re already here […]

    Mike Small 13th Mar'18 20
  • Commentary

    Plastic Sea

      Last year scientists on board the Greenpeace’s boat MV Beluga II skirted round Scotland’s coast collecting data on the concentration of plastic and microplastics […]

    Mike Small 12th Mar'18 10
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    Iain McKinnon 11th Mar'18 40
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    SEPA and the Life Aquatic

    The Gairloch community has taken to its beaches to demonstrate against Scottish Water’s plans to downgrade the current water treatment works to a system that […]

    Ewen McLachlan 11th Mar'18 3
  • Commentary

    In Search of Post-Carbon Scotland

    Christopher Silver on how the politics of geology have helped define a post-industrial Scotland that awaits a clear alternative. In October 2017 the Scottish Parliament voted […]

    Christopher Silver 11th Mar'18 12

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