Scotland's 5th Estate

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    David Jamieson 14th Dec'17 6
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    Croick to Kandahar, Back to Luxemburg

    Croick Church, a grey whinstone building that stands strategically at the junction of three small streams that feed the headwaters of the River Carron, was […]

    Jim Aitken 14th Dec'17 8
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    Grooming the Colonel

    Colonel Davidson is getting some high-powered backing as the political establishment look aghast as their normally ‘strong and stable’ leaders set fire to the house. […]

    Mike Small 13th Dec'17 27
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    The Gaelic for Hygge

    Calum MacLeod on gaelic nonsense from Visit Scotland …

    Calum MacLeod 13th Dec'17 15
  • Catalonia

    On the Catalonian Republic

    Please watch and share this film on Catalonian democracy and sovereignty … It’s a master of product and communication and a great model for us […]

    12th Dec'17 3
  • Catalonia

    Scotland in Solidarity with Catalunya

    I don’t know much about Catalunya. I’ve never been there; I have no friends from there. I’ve read, obviously, books coming out of the experience […]

    Simon Brooke 12th Dec'17 5
  • Poetry


    Why can’t they give these damn mountains proper names? Their names are in our language; the mountains understand it and know each other by these […]

    Tessa Ransford 12th Dec'17 0
  • Education

    The Idea of a Scottish University

    Simply put, Scottish students are a much less attractive commercial proposition for university Principals and Vice-Chancellors. An English student is over five times more financially […]

    David Kelly 12th Dec'17 29
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    Weeping for Humanity

    Does people speaking a language that’s not important to you make you “Weep for Humanity”? Occasionally the rational version of Unionist discourse about “pooling and […]

    Mike Small 11th Dec'17 16
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    11th Dec'17 0
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    The Excruciating Detail of Existence

    Fair play to Molly Scott Cato – the Green MEP – who is taking David Davis to court over Brexit. Here she is questioned by […]

    Mike Small 11th Dec'17 1
  • Brexit

    Last Brexit Hero

    A new dawn is breaking … meet David Spokesperson By Shaun @Shiny02

    10th Dec'17 1
  • Brexit

    Something will turn up

    Wilkins Micawber and Theresa May have a lot in common. They both pin their faith on something turning up. “The DUP’s resistance to this fudge […]

    John S Warren 9th Dec'17 12
  • Brexit

    Arlene Foster Helps Both Ways

    To summarise then. Arlene Foster and the Irish Government have negotiated a soft-Brexit framework for the United Kingdom. Arlene Foster and the Irish Government may […]

    Oisin Murphy-Lawless 8th Dec'17 7

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