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Systems Failure

Why have the poor to take on the failure of capitalism? What’s going on? Is the system collapsing or morphing into something worse? Over stateside Counterpunch writer Saul Landau asks ‘We Bail Out the Banks, Why Shouldn’t We Own Them?’  while… Read More ›

Con Census

Do you live in Edinburgh or Lewis and remember the horrors of Abu Ghraib? According to Indymedia Scotland the UK subsidiary of a company that provided interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq will be running the next Scottish census. … Read More ›

Labour Goes Nuclear

In February Labour’s man in Scotland Jim Murphy announced Labours commitment to a new generation of nuclear power stations in Scotland. This morning Iain Gray - Scotland’s Homer – is broadcasting from Torness Power station. London Labour’s mind has been made… Read More ›

Let the People Decide

Last nights Scottish Labour Party Political Broadcast was dressed with more saltires than the Tartan Army tour bus, and tried really really hard to convince you that Iain Gray was someone you could get inspired by, as he trundled about Edinburgh on… Read More ›