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    Think of Scotland

    Think of Scotland by Martin Parr, reviewed by Frank McElhinney Martin Parr’s new photo-book Think of Scotland is a catalogue of clichés. The book contains […]

    Frank McElhinney 16th Nov'17 8
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    Aamer Rahman Packs a Punch

    & here cutting through the hypocrisy and bullshit is stand-up comedian Aamer Rahman … Is it really ok to punch nazis? — Aamer Rahman […]

    7th Nov'17 5
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    Mike Small 6th Nov'17 0
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    Happy Samhuinn

    We are heading towards darker times. 🌟🌟 It creates space for not only introspective nights, but also time to be spent with friends and family. […]

    Jannica Honey 3rd Nov'17 1
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    Loki’s OTHER Hot 100

    From the cultural hallouminati that brought you the now liquidated Freight Books and long since defunct National Collective, comes another list of people so obscure […]

    Loki 1st Nov'17 20
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    Homage to Catalonia

    With the Catalan crisis coming to  a head, a timely film festival in Scotland celebrates Catalan culture. Homage to Catalonia – Scotland’s Catalan Film Festival […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'17 4
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    The Birthplace of Ossian

    “[The landscape] is more real than the people who inhabit it. Drowned in eternal mist, illuminated by a decrepit sun or by emphemeral meteors, it […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'17 0
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    11th Sep'17 3
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    Boke Quare and Clarty

    ‘I think the voice is the great Baroque pearl of this catastrophe that is the political human dump.’

    Bonnie Gallagher 11th Sep'17 0
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    Sea Prayer

    It’s the second anniversary of the death of three-year old Alan Kurdi. Now it’s estimated that over 8,000 people have died or disappeared while attempting […]

    1st Sep'17 0
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    Bram E Gieben 22nd Aug'17 2
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    Jim Monaghan 10th Aug'17 6
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    Mike Small 1st Aug'17 0
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    We’re in the Army Now

    We are witnessing the Fringe, with the support of Summerhall and Creative Scotland, become the latest creative partners to support the mainstreaming of militarism within […]

    Catrin Evans 1st Aug'17 32

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