Month: December 2009


COP15 isn’t just a political failure it’s the failure of politics, leaving liberal lobbying exposed as a strategic model. Where does  that leave us in Scotland as part of a wider geopolitical movement? By Mike Small. “The most progressive US… Read More ›

Cop 15 Report

While the Scottish media rail on Salmond for having the temerity to try and have Scotland represented at Copenhagen, what slavish timorous mouth-pieces, a series of direct eye-witness reports fillt the vacuum of the mainstream media. Today, this from Justin… Read More ›

Your Kingdom

A strangely bitter and nonsensical piece by Tom Gallagher in Our Kingdom: “The white paper published on 30 November 2009 by the Scottish National Party (SNP) government led by first minister of Scotland outlines a number of possible constitutional paths… Read More ›

Invisible Wind of Change

‘The wind is invisible but we can see which way the trees lean’. – Ian Hamilton Finlay, from Proverbs for Jacobins Amidst all the gloom, relentless negativity, media bias and dark winter onset, here’s some different voices. The  Scotland’s History… Read More ›

Power 2010

Power 2010 is a new project, ‘a unique campaign to give everyone the chance to have a say in how our democracy works for us..’ If you haven’t heard of it here’s what it says about itself… “Our democracy is… Read More ›