Month: September 2010

Scottish football: When does the revolution begin?

Perhaps now is the time for Scottish coaches at every level to forget about Jimmy Johnstone and start encouraging the most talented kids in a team to perfect their passing and movement; show their team mates how to pass through teams rather than run with the ball at defenders. The greedy wee shites who try to beat everyone on their own and only look up to pass when they run into trouble are holding back kids football and at higher levels.

Gullibles Travels

In 1987 the Gruniad started an article describing Tony Blair like this: “A man without a shadow”; a “pleasant man with a pleasant family living in a pleasant North London house”; a bright, telegenic, yet elusive politician with a “smooth facade.” How prescient they were. But fast forward thirty years and poor Tony pitches up in Dublin expecting rapture and got pelters. If it’s A Journey we’ve all been along for the ride.

Poet Required

After hearing Robert Crawford’s compelling evocation of ‘the poet as bearer of cultural tradition’ at the otherwise often dire Edinburgh Book Festival (bland, corporate, rigid, expensive) and his reading of Clan Donald’s Call to Battle at Harlaw, attention has turned… Read More ›