Month: November 2010

Beyond the Stupid Economy

The real issue is not the relationship between sovereignty and prosperity but between prosperity and growth. Ireland’s real ‘crime’ was not to be independent, or to be part of Europe, it was to be obsessed with growth.

The Green Brigade

After a week of debate about the Green Brigade and (almost) universal media condemnation, we publish a different view. We think its crucial that the Green Brigade are attempting to make connections between Irish and Scottish republicanism, a very rare… Read More ›

Go Lassies Go

Women don’t need to be passive and risk averse. When convinced of the cause, there’s no holding them back. If that cause is independence, the only fair future for Scotland, they can be in the vanguard.

Upcoming Events

John Holloway at University of Glasgow Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory and Movements Tuesday 16th November, 2010. John Holloway (Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla in Mexico) Crack Capitalism: the New Anti-Grammar of Revolution Time: 5-6.30 pm, 915 (former… Read More ›

Independent Women 2

By Lena the Hyena My initial response to reading Caitlin O’Hara’s piece, Independent Women, was where is the breakdown of figures showing women’s support for independence?  What exactly are we talking about?  What influences women in casting their votes?  Do… Read More ›

Bevvy Merchants

By Kate Higgins I’ve spent 12 years now being up close and personal with the Scottish Parliament and engaged in more legislative processes than I care to remember.  Some were fruitful, positive affairs – I can even point to amendments I… Read More ›

Scotland Deformed?

By Kirsten Stirling The label “Bella Caledonia” below the portrait of the main character on p. 45 of Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things (1992) – surely familiar to readers of this journal – suggests that Gray wants us to read the… Read More ›

Independent Women

By Caitlin O’Hara I have been slagging the editors of this site for months that it is more ‘ Blokey Caledonia’ than Bella, and I’m afraid they’ve called my bluff. Listening to Joan McAlpine and Elaine C Smith speaking at… Read More ›

Cop Outs and Cuts

Stopping Trident is one cut the British state is not prepared to make. We will forever cling blindly to our nuclear juju. Our sacrosanct national fetish will remain eternally inviolable. However, to make this act of faith, we must first stifle our own sense of human sympathy or compassion. Only when we have killed the humanity in ourselves, can we then countenance the mass killing of other human beings. Thus, in essence, we are our first nuclear victims.

Positively Independent

What’s the point of independence? Opponents routinely portray the independence movement as being about ‘divorce’  ‘break-up’ and separation. Those within it see it as an opening future – a path to create an alternative based on home-grown principles facing the… Read More ›