Month: May 2011

Common Sense

The consistently inspiring Variant has a new edition out (read it here).It includes an interview with John Holloway, author of Changing the World Without Taking Power (2002) and Crack Capitalism Pluto Press (2010). See also The Concept of Power and… Read More ›

Where Now for Scottish Labour?

By John McAllion The SNP’s crushing electoral victory has changed Britain’s political union for ever. Whatever else now happens, the constitutional and political status quo is no longer an option. The Scottish Parliament’s powers will change. Scotland’s political parties will… Read More ›

What’s Going On?

First up from our occasional series of assorted & haphazard shtuffwhatshappening…is our own NeuReekie…Friday 27 May…Scottish Books Trust, Trunk’s Close, 55 High Street, The Capital. Here’s the blurb: “Neu! Reekie! is a night of avant-garde poetry, music and film fusions…. Read More ›

Which Way Forward?

Mhairi McAlpine (West Glasgow SSP) writes: My excitement at the implications of the national election result on May 5th, has been tempered over the last few weeks with the realisation that, despite a majority in Holyrood being from a party… Read More ›

This is not who we are

Imagine, writes Robin McAlpine, the Scottish people as if they are a Peter Howson portrait, all simmering anger and grimy masculinity, a crowd scene of shared mistrust, the washed-out neutral tones of a dark memory.  Imagine us like we are… Read More ›

Independence Lite?

By Pat Kane (from Thoughtland) It’s fair to say – along with the not-so-gentle student arm-twisting of a newly elected representative for the South of Scotland region – that the veteran SNP grandee Jim Sillars is responsible for my current… Read More ›

Altered State

By Mike Small “We have given ourselves the permission to be ambitious.” More than anything among a barrage of new sensations (collective relief, delight, and unbridled optimism) it was the sense of the possible…the hopeful that followed Thursdays election that… Read More ›

A Scottish Spring

This is about more than one election result. This is about a deep, long-term transformation of Scotland which has been occurring for decades. From the age of Labour identification, and seeing the world in terms of workplace politics and class. Away from the visceral anti-Nationalist politics which shaped so much of urban Scotland for so long. And towards a new era of SNP support, identity politics and sense of national purpose.

It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

Scotland has shown that it is no longer content to be a second-class satellite of a union that is built on a global city and a depressed, and increasingly unloved hinterland. Now is the time to start defining what it wants to be instead.

A Liminal Moment

By Mike Small ‘A relationship is like a shark. It’s got to keep on going forward. What we have is a dead shark.’ – Woody Allen Woody Allen’s views on the British constitution are not well known, but he neatly… Read More ›

London Calling

Peter Preston – who was the editor of the Guardian for 20 years (1975-1995) – penned a brief little sketch about the demise of the Scottish press in yesterday’s Observer . Apart from the gaff of referring to the Scottish… Read More ›


From our friends over at festivalslab: Now that the wedding is out the way, the world can now focus on The Next Thing…namely Culture Hack Scotland which starts on Friday evening.  Here are some things you will find interesting:

Beyond Broken Britain

An SNP administration in full coalition with the Scottish Green Party could allow real change to sweep across the nation. Major shifts towards a low-carbon society AND a transition away from the centralised feudal constitution of the British State ARE achievable through such an alliance.