Month: July 2011

Always the Bridesmaid

You’ve got to admire the good sense of those good people at The List, who chose our very own Bella to (almost) top this list of Scotland’s best websites. See here. Allmediascotland covered the glory here. Our own favorites in… Read More ›

Being Human

By Justin Kenrick Mapping our route, based on a more accurate understanding of what it is to be human… If what we need is – in part – to create a set of proposals, a routemap, to help us disentangle… Read More ›

‘Television: manipulation’ – Puerto del Sol

Real Journalism Now outline 10 guidelines: “a manifesto of minimal standards, of ten simple and fundamental guidelines; and we sent out a call inviting our colleagues to join us in debating, defining, and in some cases returning to, the aims and basic principles of journalism.” In the Murdoch debacle this is where Scottish journalists should be looking for inspiration…

Will Victory Take Us Left?

Scotland has its own civic culture which must be nurtured and developed in a direction which is decided by the Scottish People themselves, through their political and civic institutions and through the right to self-determination as enshrined in the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in that they may freely determine their political status and purse their economic, social and cultural development. It must be for our people to determine their own political future through our own Scottish Parliament and for us then to freely enter into treaties of international law which will see us take a future position of cooperation and equality of development opportunities with all the people of the World in an end to colonialism, imperialism and exploitation.

Not in My Name

In advance of his Fringe show (National Library of Scotland 4-28 Aug), Darran Anderson from 3AM magazine interviews Kevin Williamson (see also the Not in My Name site here) 3:AM: Aside from exploring the poet’s life and works, Robert Burns:… Read More ›

In Bruges

Last week delegations from civic groups campaigning for independence across Europe met to establish a network of stateless nations and discuss potential for  common working. The Scottish Independence Convention, Welcome Mr. President … to the State of Catalonia and the… Read More ›

Hit the North

“Economic ‘failure’ was used as an excuse for the IMF to privatise services, decimate societies and prop up or restore dictators across swathes of Latin America, Africa and elsewhere; and this approach is currently being used across southern Europe and is likely to reach the rest of us very soon…”


By Mike Small If the arrest of Rebekah Brooks yesterday is a ploy to confuse or interrupt parliamentary questions then the police are off the leash, and this denoument isn’t a  media crisis but a constitutional one. We shall see…. Read More ›

Change: Accelerator

Should those active in political parties who see the need to reign in corporate power, focus not on party building but on building a broader movement of which their parties are a part? Should they focus less on electoral strategy than on culture shift strategy, and on connecting this to addressing the democratic deficit?

An End to Just-So Stories?

A review of Beyond the Corporation, Humanity Working by David Erdal, The Bodley Head, London, ISBN 978-847-92109-3 by R. Eric Swanepoel (writer and coordinator of the campaign for a Cross-Party Group on Real Prosperity and Joined-Up Thinking)   Bruce K…. Read More ›

Independence-Lite: the Triumph of Hope over Reality

I suspect that in the past the idea of an independent Scotland has been such a ludicrous concept for British nationalists that it has blinded them to the fact that the SNP is not a joke party in the vein of a Wessex independence movement or a Yorkshire independence party and that’s part of the reason why Labour in particular has failed to recognise the threat to their hegemony in Scotland and to find a strategy to keep the SNP out of power in Holyrood…