Month: October 2011

Radical Media Forum

Saturday 29th October 1pm – 5pm, Kinning Park Complex – Glasgow Meeting is free, but donations to Kinning Park welcomed An open meeting for practitioners, groups and individuals involved in independent/radical/critical/activist/rebellious/oppositional media, to discuss the development of a broader support network,… Read More ›

Scotch Myths

MYTH #1: SCOTLAND WOULD LOSE ITS INFLUENCE UNDER INDEPENDENCE This myth is about telling Scots that as an independent nation, we would become non-entities on the global stage. No one would care what we think, and our concerns would be… Read More ›

China Meeting Africa

China’s presence in Africa has come in for withering criticism of late. Hillary Clinton has warned of a creeping “new colonialism” in Africa from foreign investors and governments interested only in extracting natural resources to enrich themselves. But that’s exactly what the West – and the IMF/World Bank – did for decades. Only now, following the global recession, Western investment in Africa is drying up

Occupy Edinburgh

Politics in the service of people and planet; not run by corporations for profit. This is local, national and global democracy. That is what we demand – something only we can make.

Kandinsky in Govan

Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) was a Russian painter, printmaker and art theorist, so what’s he doing in Govan? Alastair McIntosh, the organiser of the three day festival celebrating ‘art, spirituality and the future’ explains the need to explore “art… Read More ›

The Awakening

A radical situation is a collective awakening. . . . In such situations people become much more open to new perspectives, readier to question previous assumptions, quicker to see through the usual cons. . . . People learn more about society in a week… Read More ›

The Salmond Problem

Amidst the disputed ComRes survey for The Independent on Sunday, Matt Chorley and Brian Brady have produced the best (only?) credible broadsheet analysis of Scottish politics by an English paper (‘Westminster has no answer to the Alex Salmond effect’). See… Read More ›

Velvet and Stone

Interview with Neal Ascherson, journalist and historian, by Jamie Maxwell (@jamesmaxwell86). Neal Ascherson was born in Edinburgh in 1932. He was educated at Eton College and then at Cambridge, from which he graduated with a triple starred first in History…. Read More ›

Hiking in War Zones

By Nine @supernowoczesna. Nine writes for various outlets. See listings here. In July 2009, three young Americans were imprisoned by Iran for espionage after hiking in Northern Iraq, or South Kurdistan. Accounts vary regarding whether they crossed the unmarked border… Read More ›

God versus the Gays

A consultation on the issue of same-sex marriages and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships has been launched by Scottish ministers. The Scottish Government said its initial view was that same-sex marriage should be introduced. Nicola Sturgeon said a recent Scottish… Read More ›

Bella Keys

It’s been great to publish articles by new contributors in the past few weeks and more coming up in the days ahead. If you want to write for us get in touch at bellasletters (at) for guidelines and to… Read More ›

Our Tory Rulers

By Mike Small The responses to the financial violence of the banking coup has been massive – a whole new movement has been created (#UKUncut to name just one) – and a whole generation has been politicised or radicalised by… Read More ›

New Organisational Forms

One thing that helped a lot was a smattering of people from Spain and Greece and Tunisia who had been doing this sort of thing more recently. They explained that the model that seemed to work was to take something that seemed to be public space, reclaim it, and build up an organization headquarters around that from which you can begin doing other things.

Scottish Studies 1

This is the first part in a series on the idea of Scottish Studies which ‘Labour front-runner’ Ken McIntosh described as “brainwashing” and Joan McAlpine describes in somewhat more eloquent terms here (see video). “My culture and my language have… Read More ›

Ghost Fishing

We are at the end game of what started back in the 1970s, the theft of Scotland’s fish. In those pre- ro-ro days us islanders, who didn’t buy the life-style on the back of a housing boom in the South East, all felt a bit dislocated from the Mainland and the big decisions that happened there out-with our control. We never expected to wake up years later and see our industries and our communities fighting for the basics of their survival, the public right enshrined in statute, to fish.

ID Cards

By Mhairi McAlpine Earlier this month , David Tobin critiqued visions of a Post-colonial Scotland, examining the “national identity politics” which are shaping us on our course to independence. This is indeed a key question for us as a nation… Read More ›